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Time to Back Up the Truck?

by David Schectman,

This morning looks like the final blow-off.

Before you panic, check out the latest KWN interview with Sinclair.  I know he didn’t expect this follow-up “MANUFACTURED SELLING,” but perhaps this is the bottom he was talking about.

Right now the big money is securing physical gold, and using the cover of the paper market in order to accomplish that.  I would add that bullion banks are doing exactly what they did in 1979.  It’s 1979 all over again and they know a massive up-move is coming in gold, and they are getting prepared for the liftoff.

The character of the gold market for the next few years will be a transition from paper to physical as the arbiter of price.  We are already seeing the inventories of the futures exchanges beginning to decline.  Price appreciation will follow this decline in inventories as sure as day follows night.

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8 comments to Time to Back Up the Truck?

  • mike

    I dont think TPTB are done with the Murder of Gold and Silver..Think the bull might really be dead this time…At least for a while. Holding out on this one will back up the truck when gold hits 1k and silver 10-15…A gift in disguise.

  • Scott

    Jim Sinclair!……after his assinine comment “we’ll never see $1600 again” I wouldn’t mention his name as someone credible. He like everyone else just wants to sell subscriptions. Wake up my friends, nobody knows when this will blow. Just keep stacking. If it doesn’t blow in our lifetime (I’m 54)… sure as hell will in my daughters.

  • Troy

    Here’s the ONLY things that I buy…and have bought. A home in the country…MOST IMPORTANT PREP OF ALL…so I can grow and raise food…..silver, some copper, lots and lots of food, Mountain House and Wise 30 yr food, guns, massive amounts of ammo…ammo is king in SHTF….ammo would be worth more than its weight in gold, and things that I need to live comfortably….like toilet paper, seeds, gas and generators, propane tanks with heaters and cooking supplies, shoes and clothing, tools, wood for building and burning, and many many many little things…don’t forget emergency candles…I have around 500 of the 8 hour style…very cheap on Amazon. Don’t forget your friends that live in the town or city…you will want them at your place with you. Strength in numbers.

    • mike

      See I see the opposite..If the country does indeed go into mas chaos I think the best place to live is a small port city like mine..I have a house on the water that has ocean access and I have a sailboat so I can go anywhere in the world at the drop of a hat. The reason small port citys beat the countryside in my opinion is you’ll be the first ones to benefit from reestablished commerce and you will not be isolated in the country, easy pray for marauders.Doenst matter what you have or Ammo if a group lays siege your done. You maybe a good shot but there is one thing I have learned in my life and that is there is always someone better or luckier. In a small port city there is always plenty to eat, the ocean is right there so hunger riots will not be an issue and there is lots of engineers and doctors still around. Having food and Ammo is a good idea but I personally would never isolate myself with the only roads out being fraught with danger if I needed to leave. Also I think in quasi civilization the chance of silver and gold actually being worth something are much better than off in the woods.

    • Upstart


      Sounds like you are well set up. You are also correct in what you say about ammo. I had a collegue a few years back who found himself in a shtf senario without a weapon. He told me he spent the equivilent of a months salary on an old revolver (as in ww2 old) and the equivilent of $200 per round, yes I did say $200 per round. Cash is not important in a real shtf situation, barter items are, so he thought himself very lucky indeed that although had nothing spare to barter with he did have enough ‘paper’ to convince the owner of the weapon to part with it. A couple of thousand ‘paper dollars’ for something truely valuable – a tool to protect his family with, a bargain.

      By the way, remember opsec when it comes to your location and preps. You dont want to put yourself in a situation where you have to decide between giving up some of your preps or ‘asking’ the unpreppared visitors to go away.

  • Hannon

    I think the straw that breaks the camels back so to speak, is going to be when the drug cartels smell a little blood in the water or weakness if you prefer and man up to the banksters, when they start turning their hundreds of billions into phiz over the sh!t money or letting the banksters roll the dice with it on wallstreet then you’ll see the entire silver market get bought out in one day and huge amounts of the gold market leaving the shelves, these people are criminals, not stupid. The PM markets are very small still compared to all the other markets in dollar terms but they keep getting talked down by the talking heads, which sure is a lot of attention for something so little.

    Like the commenters above stated, get the stuff you need first but if you have anything left I say keep stackin

  • tony bologny silverdick

    LOL now sinclair is talking about the absolute bottom lol he was talking about 2000 dollar gold before wtf

  • steelerdude

    How could this be a final blow off? When the federal reserve can print money to buy and purchase the shorting of gold and silver….

    The federal reserve can also make the stock market go higher too!

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