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This WILL OUTRAGE You: Father of 3 Imprisoned 25 Years for Selling Leftover Pain Pills

from Silver Underground:

Due to the implementation of the misguided War on Drugs, the United States has the highest incarceration rate of any country in the world. Victimless “criminals” fill overcrowded jails, leading to the early release of hardcore killers, armed robbers, and rapists. While drug abuse is certainly a serious problem, prohibition has been proven a complete failure when it comes to reducing addiction rates. In fact, the criminalization of drugs itself has caused a variety of new social ills which tear at the fabric of American society.

The Atlantic is reporting on the particularly depressing story of John Horner, the 46-year-old father of the three children depicted in the picture above. An injured friend, who happened to be a police informant, asked to buy some of Horner’s pain pills which were left over from when he lost an eye. He agreed and was arrested, convicted, and sentenced to 25 years. His children have now lost their father for their entire childhoods, because someone talked him into selling leftover pain pills one time.

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4 comments to This WILL OUTRAGE You: Father of 3 Imprisoned 25 Years for Selling Leftover Pain Pills

  • Bert

    Thank you Sean. Thank you for showing how the USSA’s wars are total failures.

    The war on poverty
    The war on drugs
    The war on terror
    The war in Vietnam
    The war in Iraq
    The war in Afghanistan

    I believe the definition of war should be changed:

    War- To simultaneously spend vast sums of borrowed money, never to be paid back, and destroy the fabric of humanity through the eradication of personal liberty.

  • John

    The informant/cop who assisted in his conviction will get his one of these days and so will the judge. These are outright criminals with no soul. They will beg for mercy, but now they both laugh all the way to the bank. The rule of law is obviously gone. God will one day wipe the earth of all evil and those will burn in eternity.

  • NaySayer

    This is how it begins. You fear even your “friends” will turn you into the gestapo or the KGB. Your social circle turns into people you don’t trust and a tight core of people you trust and if one of them betrays you, there are usually dire consequences for the betrayer.

    Maybe the inner city communities who have a “no snitches” policy have it right. They know not to trust the police or anybody who snitches to them.

  • Gerry

    What is the US coming to? This is utterly ridiculous!! Meanwhile financial criminals steal billions and ruin the lives of decent working people and instead of jail time, they get off scot-free and even receive bonuses! These government bureaucrats should be booted out. Shame shame!!

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