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The Weekend Vigilante

by Jeff Berwick, Dollar Vigilante:

I have to set off again tomorrow to one of the least free places on Earth: The City of New York… so I am trying to enjoy my final hours here smoking at the beach bar Mangos before I go and get told where I can do something (apparently, now, no smoking closer than 30 feet to any building… we wouldn’t want the building to be subject to second hand smoke, after all!) and what I can and can’t do and between what hours.

I was just in freezing cold New York a few weeks ago and am not looking forward to having everyone tell me what to do again. It was about 20F with constant freezing blasts of wind, and I was trying to enjoy a cigarette huddled outside of the Associated Press building in the nook in front of the doors shielded from the wind when a security guard came out.

“You can’t smoke here!” he prompted.

I knew it was coming. It had already happened a dozen times in the days prior. I just gave him the glare I always do, which says, “Why don’t you mind your own business?”

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