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The US Will Be On The Outside Looking In

from TruthNeverTold:

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4 comments to The US Will Be On The Outside Looking In

  • Ed_B

    This is all about competence and treating others as we ourselves wish to be treated. The US Gov has done an exceptionally poor job of operating the USA. Out of control spending, a gigantic debt, and undeclared wars that are incredibly costly in terms of lives and resources will be the death of any country.

    While there is a lot of blame to go around, it is a waste of time to be fixing blame rather than fixing the problems. We desperately need to get our our financial house in order. We need to be reaching out to others around the world to form mutually beneficial business, social, political, military, and cultural partnerships.

    We also need to get rid of the idea that military power is all we need. We do need some military power but not to the extent that we now have. It is the wrong bargaining chip to be using in about 90% of human interactions. This is not to say that there are not bad people in the world who wish to harm us because there are. But there is no reason to be paranoid to the point that we assume that to be true in every case.

  • great video as always i have been listening to you for years and i think your the only one.That has said stop worrying about the things you can’t control and focus on the things you can. I have been stacking for years now and have prepps in order. But i find it really hard to be positive i buy metals on the dips and have food water and protection for my family. But i listen to these videos like the one here to day called (kill the dollar) and i agree and i have done the research but it makes me feel like all my preparation are going to be for nothing If it’s going to be that bad that is . People are waking up but alot more are still asleep and im tired of trying to educate friends and family most people just don’t want to hear it thats why i believe that maybe it will be that bad my brain feels like it’s going to FUCKING EXPLODE! lol maybe information over load or maybe i just need to step back and leave this shit alone for a while sometimes i wish i took the blue pill !

    • NaySayer

      You might wish that you had taken the other colored pill now, but, if you look objectively at what is going on, there is very serious cause for concern. If you know history you would know that people living in developed western countries have enjoyed a lifestyle of plenitude for the last 200 years that has NEVER existed anywhere on this planet except for the high elite. I am obviously not counting those who were slaves etc. here.

      But even in this overall prosperity for most, there were pockets of time when governments got crazy, started killing their own people, got into wars that killed hundreds of millions and people starved. Our kind of people are less able to withstand that sort of situation because we are largely unfamiliar with it here. Many of the soldiers returning from wars saw what happens when society breaks down, when there is fighting & dying on city streets and those who lived on those streets saw it too.

      These people quietly get gold & food stocked up. Boat people who barely got out of vietnam and cambodia after The US left SE asia first bought food to eat & better clothes to replace their rags when they got here. They got jobs and then they started saving to get gold coins, they taught their kids this too. I was in the nearest local coin shop several months ago and there was a young asian man, maybe in his 20s, and he was buying a 1/10th oz gold coin because that is what he currently had the money for.

      You are not wrong here. Those who are busy watching dancingh with the celibritards are going to die. They are going to be forced out of their houses to look for food, they will end up in fema camps & then to slave labour camps to earn their small amount of food. They will get shot by gans or preppers trying to steal food once they figure out what happens to the people who end up in fema camps. This is going to be ugly an many will simply give up psychologically because they have never been prepared for this kind of grinding poverty and hunger. Even those who listened to the oral histories from european relatives who came here after WWII will have a better chance if they took some kind of steps to prep.

      It is just an insurance policy. Get on with life, step back from the doom & gloom for awhile. If the western economies all collapse, I am sure you will notice it.

  • Hey naysayer , i appreciate the advice and i plan to stay away from the doom for a while . But im a whore for information so i intend on staying informed.i guess im just frustrated as to how so many fail to see what is clearly in front of them . Even when presented with facts i. guess the old saying you can lead a horse to water but cant make em drink is in fact very true! But im proud to say my daughter came home the other day from work with two 1964 quarters she swapped out at work she is way ahead of alot of people at just 18

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