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The Great Disconnect Between Paper & Physical Silver

by Michael Noonan, Gold Silver Worlds:

This article proves how paper silver (i.e. silver futures market) has been able to cap the silver price despite exceptional strength in the physical silver market. The first quarter of 2013 revealed this great disconnect based on publicly available data. Besides, silver expert Ted Butler calculates an historic concentration of short positions by JP Morgan allowing the bank to control the silver price.

Silver started the first quarter at $30.45 per ounce (Jan 2nd 2013) and closed more than $2 lower at $28.30 per ounce (March 29th). During the same time period, investment demand for physical silver was historically strong and all data pointed to accumulation by investors. This evolution asks for an explanation; the answer lies in the paper silver market.

Physical silver (bullish): investors have accumulated at a record pace

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1 comment to The Great Disconnect Between Paper & Physical Silver

  • Dee

    The current price for an ASE (2009) and a Chinese Panda (2013) is the equivalent of $54 USD each in a major urban center in SK, with no room for bargaining. Furthermore, a 19g government minted SK coin is priced between 35 USD and 54 USD. That is a major disconnect if I ever saw one.

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