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The Euro is Dead – Long Live the Dollar

from ArmstrongEconomics:

Our phones have been in meltdown mode and sleep has been rarer than gold around here. Whatever politicians could do to screw up the world, trust me, they are diligently at work to accomplish that goal even ahead of schedule. The logic coming from the ECB, France, and Germany leaves a lot to be desired. Policies of hunting down the rich, the French refusing to reform, the Germans insisting upon austerity, and the ECB advocating the confiscation of depositor’s money setting off bank runs which are starting to emerge in Southern Europe, are all combing to present a picture that if it were used for a movie, nobody would believe such events were even possible.

You just can’t make up this stuff. I find it amazing that people with ZERO qualifications regarding management of the economy are the very people who are making these shocking brain-dead decisions that defy common sense. Then they call academics with no experience at all to agree with this insanity. At least summon people who man the dealing desks at banks and compel them to speak and the banks to stand down. One analyst at Deutsche Bank has come out and said only Jesus could save the Euro now.

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2 comments to The Euro is Dead – Long Live the Dollar

  • SilverHawk

    Well, if I had a 900 Million Euro Put, I’d make sure I was right. (Just me)

    Not to forget that other guy with a mega VIX Call. Name escapes me.

    Follow the money. Except for those guys buying Silver Calls…

    Crooks. All of them…

  • 8Ball

    What has died is common sense, decency and integrity…

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