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Sunday April 14th, 2013: The Mind War against the people continues. The banking cartel and the criminals who run the planet will give us no shelter from their crimes. Never mind the collapse of the Kennecott mine in Utah, never mind the drain on Comex inventories which has never been higher, never mind that demand for PHYSICAL silver from the US Mint was at an ALL-TIME high in January and February and will be again in April… never mind the facts. We are in a MIND WAR as U.S. Army Officer and Satanist Michael Aquino coined it. And soon we are likely to find ourselves in a physical war for our very lives.

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102 comments to THE CRIMINAL CARTEL ATTACKS: No Shelter From Their Crimes

  • Hman

    Boy, they are desperate and I am loving the below cost sale.

    • Hman

      I see the best opportunity of a life time forming before us and right in front of our eyes. This 20% below cost of production and cannot be sustained period. I am backing the truck from here till the teens if they ever come about.

      • freedumb'sear

        Been waiting for this smash down for a few months and expecting it to be the last chance to buy at any cost.Stayed up late last night expecting to see a bottom.Reached my target just above $23 and i converted some worthless for some precious.Found out that there was a 3 week back log for my order to get “processed”!By the sounds of things sean was seeing the same sudden shock shortage.Anybody who wants any better put the order in now regaurdless of wether or not the banksters drive the imaginary price into the ground.Peace

    • Hman

      Note: Today 700’000’000 ounces have been traded or a year mine supply of silver and we are still at the beginning of the trading session.

  • GoodOleBoy

    Nice speech. With this crash in the price, I am strongly considering playing their game and taking delivery of some futures contracts once I feel the bottom is in. I see people saying that premiums are high because dealers dont want to sell at a loss. While that might be the case for a few small companies out there, it is important to remember that most major dealers are hedged against exactly this type of loss. Just more proof that supply is truly collapsing. At the same time, arbitrage between west and east will increase the drain on physical supply. JPM and the like are trying to cover their manipulative short position before they are ripped apart. Its like administering CPR to a zombie, useless and extremely dangerous.

  • Despair not Sean, what goes around, comes around or as Sun Tzu said, “if you sit at the side of the riverbank for long enough, you will see the bodies of your enemies float by”. What this means, is that sometimes one has to do absolutely nothing. Your opponent will do all the spade work themselves and dig their own hole. Napoleon also I believe said, “never interrupt your enemy when they are making a mistake”. What we are approaching here, is a graduated…”let them eat cake” moment. And we know how well that went down. The thing in the mean time is to survive, till probity and justice is once again restored. ………………..Z

  • Hman

    Well said Sean, and God bless you.

  • mike

    Of course there would be a divergence in price with such a fast drop in price. I am sure that apmex and the rest purchased at higher prices and dont want to take a hit..Would you? If silver falls to 10-15 and maintains all new production from apmex and the others will be at normal prices over spot. Just save your dry powder soon enough plenty will be available at lower prices. People in general dont chase markets down..So if your in the know your gonna be able to load the boat.

  • Keith

    Wow. Gold 1414. Silver 23.72. This is getting intense.


    The curtain has been lifted & the evil wizard has been revealed to all. The cartel knows the tipping point is upon us & Dorothy (average American) wants to go home (honest money) Dorothy is clicking her silver heels & the wizard in his finale is blowing smoke & fire…’s all a choreographed illusion folks, Wake up & let’s stay strong & tend to the farm. Lot’s of work to do, God’s Work my friends. Peace

  • boogoo

    anyone got any idead how many paper ounces have been sold so far tonite?? Must be at least 2-3 yrs production?

    • Ed_B

      I dunno and do not care. A year’s production? 2 years? 5 years? ALL of the silver EVER mined? All the same idiotic game and it WILL end badly for those who were flushed out.

  • 8Ball

    Time for KWN to come out with another “bold prediction” from J. Sinclair… The guy who predicted that Gold would never close below $1600 again. His latest is “this week will tell the story”. Yup, Jimbo, it tells us that you are blowing smoke.

  • Alvin

    Something bad is going down here. As much as I want to buy, I am not paying $4 over spot. My dealer’s price on junk silver is about $4 less then the last time I bought, but has NOTHING left. This is the lowest price I’ve seen since I started stacking 2 years ago, yet, the price is about the same as I payed then. $28-$29. So, if price drops to $20, I bet that selling price would be at least $5-$7 over spot. Anyone selling would be NUTS.

    • mike

      Mines will sell and businesses will sell..They have to keep the lights on, just business. They can write off their losses and make up on new purchases of new production at lower cost.

  • Alvin

    I just noticed one dealer supported by Kitco. Normally you buy UNDER spot and sell slightly OVER spot. They are BUYING over spot price and selling at $4 over spot. This is not making any sense.


    Jim Sinclair, who received his mother’s maiden name, belongs to the high ranking Merovingian Sinclair/Saint-Clair bloodline.

    It should not be overlooked that Jim Sinclair’s ancestors, the House of Seligman, partnered with the House of Rothschild and the House of Morgan, which places him in the inner circle of the Learned Elders of Sion. ”

    “Although Bertram Seligman was my father, James Sinclair (from my mother) has been my name since birth. If it had been possible, I would have changed my surname back to my father’s prior to entering my career.” Quote reported by (GATA)

  • boogoo makes perfect sense to those who have been watching this market for many years and understand what is at stake..HOLD! Sinclair..? well…let him dig his own hole!

    • Alvin

      Trying to make sense of this scheme is futile and make anyone go BATTY. My little stack rests beside me as I type. Am not sweating this in the least. But you just have to ask these questions. If I had to take a good guess, the bull that was in the pasture has been brought to the gate. Just a matter of time for the gate to open for the REAL bull run.

  • boogoo

    alvin..I’m not sure the real bull run will be in the current fiat paradigm’s now about ozs not $value!..just IMO!

    • Alvin

      I agree. Silver will shine in the next chapter of humanity. Whatever is left of it.

    • Ed_B

      Yes, it IS about VALUE. What it is not about is cost. Paper games do not alter the fact that gold and silver are very valuable and have been for millennia. Unbacked paper money? Not so much. It has a short history of dubious value and MANY shenanigans pulled on people by the criminals running this dishonest game.


    I predict this Post will break 100+ Comments.

  • 5barhacker

    If you can’t find dealers to sell to you at spot just trade on the ratio. The 60/1 ratio makes a gold to silver swap kind of attracive right now. Coins dealers may be more willing to part with thier metal this way.

  • John Adams

    There’s a lot of chatter about the “Protocols Of Zion”

    Apparently there was warning in there about this type of thing happening at the end.

    Looks like the journey here was staged.

    Max Keiser talked about Ben Bernake and Tim Geithner being “protestants”…. Alex Jones talks about Muslims owning and controlling Mainstream media and Hollywood.

    These guys talked you into buying Precious Metals.

    Protocols warned you they control the media and the alternative media.

    I wonder if there’s any truth to the “Protocols”.

    Fema Camps are ready. 1 Billion plus rounds are ready. Police brutality is out of control. People will be queuing to be murdered soon.

    Just watch!

    • WALDO

      < John……No one ever claimed the Protocols discovered were fake they stated it was a forgery; Therefore they are real & playing out to the LETTER.

      As far as FEMA Camps & soon to be closed military bases will be employed to imprison dissidents…….This is an exact replica of the bolshevik take over of Russia, 60+ Million white Christians executed, General Patton warned us "we fought the wrong enemy" Millions of us will perish- my prediction… this time they will lose.

      PS- Yes, Keiser & Jones are gatekeepers in the alternative space.

    • Glitter1

      If you haven’t read them you should then line each of the 23 Protocols against history for the last 200 years,including the near future events to come.If you don’t think they are real then everything you learned in your history classes over the years isn’t true either.

  • Ag Tex

    Thanks for ending your video with God’s unchallengeable, truthful and glorious Word. Since we are in fact in a spiritual battle, let us not forget the best way to protect and defend ourselves against such evil; that is down on our faces before the Father God Almighty in and through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. When you realize that Jesus spoke in spiritual terms about everything in the parables and His teachings, it really opens up the Scriptures to a whole new understanding and new dimensions (literally). Life as we know it is about to get much more spiritual. There are only two avenues: Satan and the world or the Father God Almighty through Jesus Christ. Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me.” John 14:6

    “It cannot be emphasized too strongly or too often that this great nation was founded, not by religionists, but by Christians; not on religions, but on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. For this very reason peoples of other faiths have been afforded asylum, prosperity, and freedom of worship here.” Patrick Henry


      While watching the BIBLE on the HC, the part that hit me between the eyes, was when Nicadimus tried to trick Jesus and asked about paying taxes. Jesus picked up a Roman coin from the table of a money changer and threw it to Nicadimus and asked, “who’s imprint is on the coin?” Nicadimus replied, “Ceaser” then Jesus said the famous statement, “then render unto Ceasers that is Ceasers and render unto GOD which is GODS.” My point, the dollar,EURO etc.. is man made, gold and silver is made by GOD. Our Constitutional money ( our for fathers knew) Fear Not….. God is in TOTAL control for those who believe! LET NOT THE SATAN DISTURB YOUR PEACE!

      • Ed_B

        I agree, Jerry, that was a great scene in a truly fantastic TV production. I watched and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it, save the brutality of the crucifixion itself. That was horrible, even though I knew that this was a theatrical production.

        The part that fascinated me most was when Satan would appear to watch Jesus or to tempt Him in the desert. My, gosh! That character looked just like Obama! The resemblance was uncanny. Was this meant to say that Obama is the anti-Christ? Sure looked that way.

  • vinny

    Sean. Its all going to be ok. Be right sit tight. Its just the tide going out before the tsunami hits.

  • MPB

    SGT, It is indeed incredibly hard to sit back watch this “ALL” unfold but many, most, if not all of us here knew this was going to “ALL” happen. Of course as “ALL” you state in this latest production of yours so eloquently points it “ALL” out. The ride will get worse, in many ways….again as “ALL” you have pointed out in your video. We are are nearing, if not at what I think would be fair to call completely surreal, but it is REAL. Hang on all, we are all going to have our convictions tried right down to our soul level. Pray for “Guidance, Provision and Protection,” DAILY. Thank you SGT for this frank and heartfelt latest production. Best to you and to us all. Peace, MPB

    • SGT

      Thank back MPB, to all of you – it’s the massive injustices we see daily that get to me. The precious metals manipulation is merely one arm of the hydra that is hell bent on destroying humanity. But then again, if Paul Krugman is right (which he is not), everything is just dandy with our monetary system, and WE are the ones who are nuts.

      • MPB


        Einstein, Galileo, etc… We are amongst just a relatively small but growing list of others before us that were deemed NUTS too! Hang in there my friend. I refuse to budge and intend to hold on in all respects till I can no longer.. to my last breath! I made that conviction to myself, come whatever over five years ago now when my “sight” of the future became very clear.

        Best to you and everyone!

        Peace, MPB.

  • ruthann

    Let’s see

    Got silver, mutual funds, ETF(s) or FRN(s)?
    Hold silver, mutual funds, ETF(s) or FRN (s)?

    This is a no brainer!

  • John

    I tried calling my local dealer this morning, I could put a deposit in and receive on May 29th, interesting. I’m calling another dealer, they put me on hold, then tell me no one is answering at store location.. If they smack it down to 20.00, I will do my best to find some… Some say there is a surplus, so I’m checking local shops, anyone from Toronto? I’m looking for a Monster Box of Silver Maples..

    • John

      Will take Eagles or Philharmonics, but as the saying goes “If you can’t hold it you don’t own it” I’m not ordering online.. I will drive anywhere in the area and pick up..

    • John

      These guys are one of the biggest coin dealers in Canada, and as you could see, “Late May Delivery” There are no Eagles or Philharmonics, just the odd numismatic, very minimal. May be forced to add Gold… Are the mints going to hold supplies back, and allow JPM to cover their short position, with no physical metal to be found? Whatta SCAM!!!

  • Slipstitchpass

    Just spoke to Tulving. They have sold $10Million since Friday afternoon. Said they may mave purchased 500K. He would give me no indication on inventories except that he had what was on the screen. I lightened his load as best I could. I always wondered what it would look like the day Tulving was sold out. Interesnting to see what the market would do….now we know.

  • GOD SO VERY BLESS – SGT, Chris, BrotherJohnF, Steve Quayle, Gerald Celente, remembeing Bob Chapman, Max Keiser, Peter Schiff, David Morgan, Jsnip4, Pastor Dowell, Gregory Mannarino, oh so many many others, please add to my list! Greg Hunter, help….

  • Metamora

    Here’s some insider info, maybe this helps shed some light on the international vampire squid bansker cabal.
    Doug Hagmann is an investigative journalist, has a DHS insider named ‘Rosebud’.
    Part1 (Dec24, 2012)
    Part2 (take note of the last paragraph w.r.t. metals)

  • Mike

    JPM, Just Planned Manipulation staged another Force Manure on the market. It even smells like it. And to the democracy for which it stands.

  • Rico

    Sean – Great piece. I hear the emotion in your voice and feel the same pain you do. This IS a battle between good and evil, with the sad part being that so many of our brethren have been sucked into the anonymous stage of being incapable of critical thinking and understanding the big picture due to the lame stream media. It takes a ton of intestinal fortitude to be constantly ridiculed at dinner parties and behind one’s back; however, all that I said to my friends is coming true. We all know EVERYTHING we are, but have simply forgotten and need to ask our Creator to re-boot the software showing us what we are capable of and how to live and love that has gone dormant. My dealer on the West Coast has not dropped his PM prices at all. The end of the Dollar is coming and so too the end of the CRIMINAL Central Banks and FIAT Currencies.

  • ReadMan

    The only thing being destroyed is the COMEX and people who play the paper game. Good riddance. If you look at ebay. Silver eagles are still going for over $32 a coin. I can’t even get a cheap bid on gold maples or eagles. Worthless paper being destroyed. Unable to even get to apmex.

    • justsaying

      why would you want to buy it from ebay? it is nearly impossible now days to find a cheap coin with all the competition. I prefer to buy mine from local coin Dealers but sometimes I buy from kitco, liberty coin (depends on price and the spot price). Look around, you’ll find them.

  • Mr M

    Would not be surprised if the cartel goes long this take-down.

  • AgShaman

    It’s a wonderful gift they are giving to stackers still building their stacks

  • justsaying

    wow! they really beat the price down. Nice!… time to buy a few more. I’m sooooo glad that I save some of my money. I am feeling very smart! :). I am going to spend half, wait until the very low 20th before I spend the rest in small chunks…

  • Glitter1

    I believe this hit on Gold,Silver and oil is just as in late 2007 into 2008 leading to the Dow/S&P selloff.They first hit commodities then the Markets.I believe this portends to a pending market selloff/crash. TPTB don’t want the cash running into Gold and Silver as Safe Havens as the Markets sell off.It’s 2007/08 all over again.The Dollar is about to be pummeled.Gold and Silver will make a come back.

  • Antony

    Yes, this is a surprise to me! I’m just a little guy with some physical stacked up, then I had to stop because I couldn’t afford to get any more and other things in life got in the way, but now that it has dropped I will pick some more up! So maybe this is a good thing for others to get some more physical and especially those that don’t have much or any at all! I believe it will pay off sooner or later, just hold on to it! after all, in the end silver and gold is real money!

  • Freedom Fighter

    APMEX site is crashing alot and having hard time placing any order!

  • Paul Prichard (Paper Bear)

    The criminal banksters are throwing their toys out of their pram because their criminal pyramid scheme is coming to an end.

  • Johnny

    I’m unable to get on to both the Provident and Silvertowne websites. I can only assumes they crashed. I guess that’s a good sign, ha?

    So, I placed a nice order with Westminster. Basic silver rounds (they have a nice variety) are only about $1.50 over spot. Can’t go wrong.

    My local mainstay for buying 90%, the guys who told me as recently as this winter that they had an unlimited supply, no longer have an appreciable amount of “junk” left. It’s dried up. The little they do have, they are selling at a hefty premium.

  • John

    I find it interesting that the local dealer here in Toronto, requires 6 weeks to get Silver, but will have Gold in 2 weeks.. I am so Glad that I started reloading on Silver recently.. There is no doubt a shortage… They are playing with the paper, yet I will gladly hold onto my Physical, thanks!

  • Ed_B

    Remember, folks, the current paper smash is just another idiotic paper game that is being played on all of us. Gold and silver have REAL value and have for thousands of years. Paper currency has a MUCH shorter and less successful history as money. Buy what you can afford. Ignore the games. Stack like there is no tomorrow because, one day there won’t be… at least in dollar terms. When that happens, there will be two classes of people… those who have REAL wealth and those who do not. Never forget the pic that is on the Internet that shows a German man in about 1921 as he burns stacks of paper money to generate some heat. He was doing that because paper money was cheaper than coal! None of us knows if the US dollar will fall that far but it could. If it does, then what? If you want to eat, have a roof over your head, and keep warm in the winter, you better have the kind of money that those selling such things will accept. Paper may or may not be accepted. Be ready in case it is not.

  • Stefan B.

    Come on, what’s not exciting about this? We’re only $3 from the silver-at-sub-$20 prediction I posted on April 2nd coming true….

    How cool would that be?

    Again…. The price of silver isn’t set by people buying or selling silver. The price of silver is set by a dozen HFT super-computers sitting in a circle and jerking each other off, swapping futures contacts (that vastly exceed the physical supply) back and forth tens of thousands of times per second.

    It’s one thing to know this is going on. It’s another thing to ACCEPT it. Once you ACCEPT it, it doesn’t really bother you anymore, and you’ll not only stop feeling angry about the price smashes, but more importantly (oh, so much more importantly), you’ll stop caring about the spikes UP as well, or pretending that UPWARD spike represents anything other than 12 super-computers jerking each other off.

    • SGT

      I for one like your enthusiasm! They just hit us with two bombs at the Boston Marathon… BREAKING news. The first question that comes to mind is: Will they blame this on Muslim terrorists, or patriots…? This metals attacks is just on blade of a multifaceted attack I fear.

      • Jayber

        Yeah, just read an article on that one and I had the initial reaction you did: false flag to demonize the patriot crowd.

        They must have had a scheduling error, though. I haven’t heard anything about someone being there to shoot them up with a heat-seeking, laser-guided, 250,000 rounds-a-minute, night-vision, AK-57 so-called assault weapon. Of course, maybe the libs thought they just had to leave it there and it would go on a rampage all by itself.

      • Stefan B.

        I’ll be honest… No disrespect to the dead & wounded, but I just don’t care.

        The most likely cause of my death, or anyone else’s death for that matter, is a car accident, a heart attack, cancer, or suicide…. (That’s just the stats… I have no immediate plans to off myself.)

        …Now, you’ve got to get a long way down the fucking list before you reach “whack job blows me up at the Boston Marathon”… So far down the list that it’s utterly irrelevant.

        Both the mainstream and alternative media like to jump on these stories like a fat kid on a cheeseburger…. So the PROBLEM is guaranteed to generate a REACTION that’s ready and waiting for a SOLUTION.

        I’d just as soon not give them a reaction, because there’s no problem, and we sure as fuck don’t need anymore solutions.

      • Stefan B.

        Make that *$2 away from sum-$20-silver.

      • Stefan B.

        I’m not sure if you even see comments on posting from this long ago, but I do feel the need to say “told ya so” on two fronts….

        1) Sub-$20 silver… a prediction made when the price was still over $30.

        2) The whole world suddenly cares about HFT trading… Something that was obvious to a completely idiot like me….. an entire year ago. Go figure

        just sayin’


    • BUZZ

      bwwahahaha HFT circle jerk indeed.

      fantastic analogy

  • Savvy937

    Add the just breaking news of 2 Explosions at the Finish Line of the Boston Marathon to this. Blood in the streets literally now.

  • fred

    Has anyone noticed, although prices have continued to drop through out the day, prices on provident have continued to increase?

    • SGT

      Yes, noticed that. I don’t think it’s really possible to get $23 physical silver today… although Gainseville coins shows generic silver Buffaloes at $23.91…

      • Krow

        Sean…….Im glad you mentioned Gainesville Coins. I have been reading all the posts of people having such a hard time finding physical, and Gainesville still has a good supply and the Buffalo Rounds are only marked up .75 cents over spot. I was able to snag a fist full at .75 over the spot of $22.85. Now I see their margin was just increased to $1 over spot. I also see that Gainesville’s margin on the Eagles is getting close to $5/oz now.

        We both never imagined the End Game playing out with such a criminal attack on silver, but we have patience and we will survive this attack and ultimately be the victors in the end.

        Kaaaaaaaaaaaa! saith the Krow

        • Krow

          Holy Krow!!!!! Now the margin at Gainesville Coins has gone up to almost $6 per silver eagle!!! It just went up to almost $5 per ounce a few hours ago. Man……is the fan meeting the manure?

          Buffalo rounds are still at $1 over spot.

  • Eric

    Anyone else notice the volume on Exxon Mobil has been increasing every day for the last 10 days? Always at the close.

  • freedumb'sear

    My heart goes out to the victums of this tragedy.Something is rotten in denmark me thinks.Smells like another false flag.What next.Sounds like an attach on “tax protesters” or patriots according to a wolf blitzer story.Looks like a perfect storm is a brewing from the bankster war rooms.Peace

  • Praxis

    Glad I locked in some bullion on Sunday, even if before this cratering.
    It’s becoming impossible to find SAE’s at any price.

  • morgan

    SGT, This was from Ann Barnhardt that she just reposted from 2011:

    “Watch for this. Watch for the gold and silver futures to sell off as people walk away from paper while the online cash dealers, seeing that market demand for their physical inventory is robust, begin to ignore the futures prices and hold their prices steady or even raise them. When you see this basis decoupling and absence of arbitrage, lo, the end is nigh. A parabolic spike is coming.”

    She may be extreme to some but I do respect her knowledge in the financial world.

    • Krow

      Yep, Ann Barnhardt is one TOUGH lady……has bigger gonades than most men in this country. I hope her tax revolt does not have her in jail yet, as she is desperately needed by all patriots.


  • charlie

    Iv said it 5 times before and i say it again.

    expect to see sub 1000 gold and sub 20 silver.

    i guarantee it. the end is close, all economies are collapsing at an exponential rate. and the bankers are buying gold like its going out of fashion.

    im waiting for it to drop more, before i go in for the kill and buy more.

  • Savvy937

    Gold already getting whacked again, down $24 as I type at 8:24PM EST, and Silver whacked for 46 more cents. No end in sight…

  • Daniel

    Sweet. I tried to buy all weekend to some avail (did buy 100 dimes at a good price at the time). After today’s smash and crash, just bought 25 oz’s in 5 oz bars from Scottsdale. Decent price even with the premium. I knew my yearly April bonus would bear some fruit. Worthless pieces of shit fiat for phyzz. Now, as soon as I get my nice income tax return, I hope silver goes down some more.

    Get ready folks. It’s getting real and it’s in high gear now. The crash is imminent, and you better get ready for it. This smash in metals is a gift. The elite are loading up. Hopefully my fellow stackers are too.

  • NaySayer

    Yeah but this is bad, bad bad. They are desperate and taking really desperate measures. So hold onto you preps boys and girls. Something wicked this way comes and I think it may be soon.

    In good news, Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon has sitting on his desks two bills to sign. One is House Bill42 which makes illegal any type of law in missouri which would take or affect property in any agenda 21 type of way. It even would outlaw anything which even resembles anything that comes out of agenda 21.

    Senate Bill 265 is also sitting on his desk ready to sign and it is an even tougher law than Kansas has to protect missourians right to keep & bear arms. It specifically negates anything that the federal government does in any possible way (including executive orders) that impacts missourian’s right to their 2nd amendment rights.

    So if you want to know where to come for shelter you might try missouri. AT least we are trying to get some things right here. I have written gov. Nixon an email through his official website form asking that he sign both of these into law immediately. I don’t know if he will though. He might. He is a democrat but he is over a sorta reddish state so if he ever wants to be elected to dog catcher again in this state, he should sign them.

    • johns

      Hey Naysayer,
      your exactly correct on this part: “Yeah but this is bad, bad bad. They are desperate and taking really desperate measures. So hold onto you preps boys and girls. Something wicked this way comes and I think it may be soon.”

      However, I hate to burst your bubble but wasn’t it Missouri that handed over Concealed Carry info to big sis?, and BROKE THE LAW doing it?

      I hope your successful, since it may set a precident for the rest of the UNION.

      • NaySayer

        Yes, I heard about that. I was hoping it was just a rumour, but it probably isn’t. They got some asshat to give it up illegally. Now I just hope they find out who it was, see if they took a bribe to do it and put them in jail either way.

  • internationalchick

    Facebook websites were set up before the bombings. A man dressed in all black was on the roof on the building next to the first bombed building.

  • bibbitt,b.

    Take 5 and listen; P.O.D. Revolution

  • prestodo

    You guys are worshipping gold and silver as your god. It’s just metal. Stop seeking for these things because they are totally manipulated. Also, you may want to consider buying food storage, fuel, medical supplies, and heirloom non-gmo seeds instead.

  • Freedom Fighter

    I was watching “Nat-Geo Wild World’s Weirdest Freaks of Nature” .. 34 minutes into the show i realized there are Freaks in nature as there are freaks in humanity, The Bankers who prey on peoples hard work and live by leaching … The Ants and birds and many natures banksters have so much in common, its a cruel world and understanding there habits will protect you. Must watch starting from 34 minutes point mark.

  • Hondo Stalwart

    thinking i will put some $$ into copper

    if tough times are ahead this will help some to hedge


    I want to thank everyone for making my prediction of 100 comments happen (see my above comment). I could not have achieved success without all of your help.

    Now let’s get to work & fulfill my next prediction & crash the COMEX!

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