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The Boston Ratchet Effect

by James E. Miller, Mises:

The recent bombing at the finish line of the Boston Marathon had America scared – until the next fad in reactionary emotion begged for attention. Before the shootout and present manhunt began, the incident was slowly drifting out of the news cycle, and thus, so was the attention the public was handing over. Sure, inquiries into why two sick individuals found the need to inflict harm on the innocent will continue. But as soon as the vanity crooks in Congress decide to focus their attention on another inane scheme, all the mourning, prayers, and alms dedicated to the attack will work their way to the next trend. The only people who will actually remember the dark day are those who faced the pain of losing a loved one or felt the sting of shrapnel entering their skin.

Just days after the attack, an explosion at a fertilizer plant in a small Texas town took the lives of fifteen. Hardly an hour of coverage was given to the tragedy. The failure of gun control and registry legislation to pass the Senate absorbed the pea-brained opinions of the media. It goes to show actual human life comes second to a political agenda that anyone with a modicum of sense can see will result in more needless death. The flag of altruism statists wrap themselves up in is never anything else but the cloth of blood and trampled skulls.

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