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The Alternative Currencies Destruction: How and Why

by Andy Hoffman,

Given the vast ramifications of this week’s “ALTERNATIVE CURRENCIES DESTRUCTION”; in which – “coincidentally” – PAPER PMs and Bitcoin were crashed immediately after a closed-door meeting between Obama and the CEOs of JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs (the latter of which promptly issued a gold “short-sell recommendation”), I thought I’d give you some additional commentary to digest.

This piece is not meant to discuss said ramifications – such as the PHYSICAL BUYING FRENZY it has fostered; but instead, to give you “expert analysis” of how it was carried out, and why.  Fortunately, I can lean on the expertise of giants in our field, as these were some of the best commentaries I could find.  After reading them, I think your resolve to RUN (don’t walk) from “PAPER PM Investments” will be stronger than ever; as will your urgency to PROTECT assets with REAL MONEY.

Gold Will Perform To Where We Expect – Jim Sinclair

First, we have pure forensic analysis of HOW the raid was perpetrated – starting with one of the “shadow world’s” greatest minds – Brother JohnF; in video format…

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