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Thank You Exxon: Mayflower, Arkansas’ New Oil Lake

[Ed. Note: Wait for the punch line, or punch in the collective face of humanity, at 1:25.]

from LeakSourceNews:

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3 comments to Thank You Exxon: Mayflower, Arkansas’ New Oil Lake

  • SilverHawk

    The reason they’re pushing the pipeline to be built through the USA from Canada, is because the Western part of Canada said NO. It was supposed to go to the west coast, originally. Pipelines are breaking all the time, so let American land become wasted from that black crap. We’ve had quite a few breaks here in Montana over the last few years, just recently trashing out the Yellowstone river for a few miles.

  • prestodo

    Hope nobody feels the urge to smoke nearby.


    Arkansas has a Exxon oil lake and Louisiana has a BP oil Gulf of Mexico!!!

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