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Texas prosecutors gunned-down: a PATTERN forms

by Jeff Nielson, Bullion Bulls Canada:

One thing which I always urge readers to do when ACTIVELY analyzing the “news” they are presented is to “look for patterns.” And then once we have identified a pattern our next task is to hypothesize an agenda.

First we have a Colorado prison-boss gunned-down. Then we have two Texas prosecutors gunned-down. Where’s the “pattern” you ask? In this case we have the propaganda machine conveniently supplying us with the pattern itself — so we KNOW there is some ulterior agenda.

The pattern is that all three of these Law Enforcement Personnel (generally speaking) were supposedly killed by members of a rogue, U.S. “White Supremacist” militias. And at this point (especially after the Sandy Hook massacre) this should start the “alarm bells” sounding for readers.

Point #1. How many seconds would it take the U.S. government (and propaganda machine) to abbreviate “rogue, white-supremacist militia” to terrorist group??? About the same number of seconds it took for the propaganda machine to transform BANK ROBBERIES into “bail-ins.”

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2 comments to Texas prosecutors gunned-down: a PATTERN forms

  • Suzanne

    I’m betting this is another false-flag. Notice how the prior false flags concentrated on Colorado, one of the most pro-gun states around. Now they’re coming after Texas… where a WHOLE LOT of us have CHLs and carry! We’ve actually got a lot of citizen militias growing, too.
    You might want to check the site of Well Regulated American Militias. The guy that started this site lives just north of Houston.

  • Slvrizgold

    After seeing 911, 7/7, OKC, Aurora, Sandy Hook, Sikh temple, Fast and Furious etc, I am sure it was also a FF plot. The whole idea he needed to kill a Domino’s driver to get a Domino’s shirt and pizza bag to use as disguise is preposterous. $20 could do that at any Domino’s in USSA.

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