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TDV Week in Review

by Jeff Berwick, Dollar Vigilante:

“That’s Capitalism!”

This week I saw someone post a quote: “When the rich steal from the poor, it’s called capitalism; when the poor steal from the rich it’s called violence.”

That’s not quite right, I thought. So I counter that when the rich steal from the poor it’s actually called central banking. When the poor steal from the rich it’s called voting.

This made me recall my last days in New York several years ago. I had a loose group of barfly acquaintances and a few of them were an especially obnoxious brand of socialist. During one conversation about the ills of the world, one of these acquaintances just kept labeling everything he didn’t like as “capitalism”.

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  • Ed_B

    OR, we can say:

    When the government steals from the people, they call it taxation.

    When the people steal from the government, they call it theft.

    Guess which one causes you to go to jail.

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