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Talking Taxes with California Beach Goers

from MarkDice:

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6 comments to Talking Taxes with California Beach Goers

  • zeohsix

    So Mark how does it feel to live amongst such genius when TSHTF do you have a good escape plan to get out of Mexifornia? I’m a native but in under 3 years I’ll be out if my plans go forward. I already have house land and water in Idaho. My state is GONE! Love the weather but not much else lately.

  • Tom G.

    Finish this statement- “California, land of the f______s and n_____s.”

  • iguana one

    I feel like I am all alone in this place we call the USA.
    I refuse to believe that the majority of the sheeple are all that ignorant.
    I always enjoy your vids Mark. Thanks again. And pray.

  • prestodo

    “Hi, I’m Marked Eyes! I make little videos to highlight the mass stupidity of society by never engaging any intellectuals in order to make myself look smart and put myself above the rest of humanity! Buy my books which are loaded with nothing but complete biased opinion and dribble as there are no references or reference material cited! I’m Co-Intel-Pro along with Alex Jones, but don’t worry, I’ll never tell you that!”

    “Watch me as I point out the unimportant “illuminati” symbolism in Hollywood and the Music Industry! After all, we all know that pointing out this crap in the Music industry will save humanity from the bankers!! I make complete sense!!”

  • steelerdude

    This is an excellent question….I think I will use it when I grouping people for when the shtf….

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