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Syrian Chemical Weapons: Globalist Mag Says Kucinich is Infowars Conspiracy Theorist

by Kurt Nimmo, Infowars:

Foreign Policy is portraying former Ohio congressman Dennis Kucinich as a conspiracy theorist for suggesting that allegations Syria used chemical weapons are part of a manufactured pretext for war. John Hudson, who writes on national security issues for the magazine, believes Kucinich may have been influenced by and Wikileaks.

Hudson points to our story from March reporting that the United States and Israel decided to escalate tensions inside Syria and confront Assad’s military directly under the weapons of mass destruction pretext.

Events over the past week have borne this assertion out. The Obama administration says it will continue its investigation of phantom chemical weapons while Senator John McCain of Arizona has called for international troops to prepare a Syrian invasion under the pretext of securing chemical weapon stockpiles.

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3 comments to Syrian Chemical Weapons: Globalist Mag Says Kucinich is Infowars Conspiracy Theorist

  • Iguana Green

    I hope Dennis keeps om fighting his way to the truth and ignore the other liars in the den with him. DK is not exactly an angel but it’s great that e is somewhat awake to the deception.

  • Eric

    I never considered him to be terribly bright but I would say he is open minded and not a corrupt POS like the majority of them. Hey Sean, you ever think of posting any videos from Syrian girl? She has a lot of good stuff and is cute taboot too!

  • Paul Prichard (Paper Bear)

    No more so than manufactured pretext for war with Saddam Hussein’s Iraq.where the claimed WMD didn’t exist.
    Forget about the WMD lie you were told in regard to Iraq as another lie is told about WMD in regard to Syria

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