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Suspects’ Father Says He Believes Sons Were Framed

from Zero Hedge:

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2 comments to Suspects’ Father Says He Believes Sons Were Framed

  • Hannon

    Somebody should point him to 4chan and infowars so he can get a good look at the mercs doing it. They have never failed this badly before, what a sorry bunch of losers they have degraded into, they can’t even stage small terror attacks anymore. And by the way bankster nwo clowns, thanks for selling us the metal out of the vaults at such a discounted rate. Maybe you can start printing coupons for bullion in the local circulars or do some buy one get one sales once in a while

  • Johnny

    According to this article buried in the lamestream news, slain bomber suspect and boxer, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, and the cop killed in the shootout, Sean Collier, were linked to the same boxing gym.

    Tsarnaev trained at the gym, and Collier volunteered there. Hmm…

    Can anyone say FALSE FLAG?…..25238.html

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