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Solari Stories: The Mom and Pop Predicament

by Catherine Austin Fitts, The Daily Bell:

I find there’s a real effort now to blame Mom and Pop USA for what’s happening and it’s one of the most frustrating things for me. Yes, I believe that we all need to come clean and take responsibility because certainly everybody in America – it’s been pretty easy to know that something was terribly wrong with the federal finances and a lot of us have literally felt that there was nothing we could do and so we’ve let it go. So I’m not saying let’s not take responsibility because I think it’s important to take responsibility.

At the same time, I think it’s important to understand what’s been happening economically and who’s been engineering that. So, for example, I was part of a group of people in Washington in the early ’90s who took a look at the globalization of the economy and a real effort by the leadership to rebalance the economy globally in a way that would be devastating for the American middle class, and we said, “Okay. Well, this is going to happen. It’s very much driven by technology. How can we help the American people jump the curve on this situation?” And so that was a time when a little bit of honest feedback and a little bit of honest transparency could have helped us as a society rise to the challenge of the changes that were before us.

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1 comment to Solari Stories: The Mom and Pop Predicament

  • freedumbs'ear

    Dear Catherine; what the hell does mom and pop got to do with the federal debt(obligation of the United States coroporation)Do you think mom and pop should be responsible for Walmarts debt,Mcdonalds debt,the debt of all these bankster criminals?I think not.You can take responsibility for those corporations imaginary debts if you like but count me out.All those so called debts don’t exist and could never be paid in the first place because the interest was never created and does not exist.Peace

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