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Silver Update — Silver Shortage

from Brotherjohnf:

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2 comments to Silver Update — Silver Shortage

  • Troy

    I watch the numbers of sales on certain silver coins/rounds on Gainsville because its such a popular gold/silver dealer. The numbers of silver sales are incredible! Saturday they listed 1400 more Freedom Girls, and they sold out in a few hours. One buyer must have bought around 1000 of them..I refreshed, and they were gone. Also they Bison have sold 5000 on 2 days…they are only $27 something, so if you want to buy some “cools” silver, buy some Bison while they still have em. I also talk to people on Gainsvilles order lines. I have heard 3 women on the lines tell me that they are getting orders from “big money”. On lady told me that she took an order of 10,000 Eagles from a man. Another man bought 2,000 Taku’s, and twenty 100 ounce bars! Another lady told me that a guy called in and wanted 10,000 Eagles, and she said were out, and he said, I’ll try another dealer. My Boss ordered 2 more Monster boxes of Eagles. Me and two friends have ordered around 250 ounces in the past week. My buddy is waited for $17.50 silver…if it ever happens…he said he has over $200,000 waiting for that day.

  • Brad

    I think 200,000 people buying 500oz is a little far fetched, but even if half those people go out and buy just 10 oz thats a million oz in a single day, still quite a message for the bankers and would probably make the months of May hit a record high for silver sales.

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