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Silver Premiums, Demand & Shortages

by Jeff Berwick, Dollar Vigilante:

Back in 2008, silver fell from over $20 per ounce down to below $10. This was a stomach-turning experience for those who had begun investing heavily in the metal.

I heard reports of bullion dealers in the US who simply were not selling Monster Boxes of Silver Eagles. Physical metal was hard to find in spite of the price collapse.

That nadir didn’t last for long as silver obviously rebounded magnificently, teasing its old psychological record of $50 an ounce. Realistically, it took some time for silver to crescendo amid increased demand arisen from The End Of The Monetary System As We Know It (TEOTMSAWKI).

So, realistically, one could expect that silver would thus consolidate over a similar amount of time. And it did. Still is…

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2 comments to Silver Premiums, Demand & Shortages

  • Ed_B

    “Physical metal was hard to find in spite of the price collapse.”

    No, physical metal was hard to find BECAUSE of the paper price collapse. Those who had bought silver metal at $15 an oz. and more were not willing to lock in their paper losses by selling their physical silver at ridiculously low prices. They held onto their metal until better prices arrived… which they eventually did.

  • Frank Zak

    There has never been a shortage of silver at any time.
    Even Sprott deceived you by saying he got recently
    minted silver. His private sales of his own silver
    fund in the last months has shown he has sold millions
    worth of his own physical silver trust.

    I am convinced most silver dealers are liars to the
    point of being worse then the new world order.
    These people have no ethics or morals.

    Only gold and palladium are in short supply.

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