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Silver Doctors Site Down

Looks like the criminals who are attempting to teach us the lesson that there is no such thing as a “safe harbor” in this criminally corrupt monetary system, are also trying to prevent the real news about this silver and gold SLAUGHTER from getting out.

Our friends over at Silver Doctors have been hacked and their popular precious metals website has been offline all for most of last evening and so far today.

All we get when we visit the site is the following message:

Error establishing a database connection

We wish the Doc the best of luck getting back on line, and take our hat off to our own web master who has so far kept SGT Report up and running today.

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4 comments to Silver Doctors Site Down

  • travis

    I know we REEEALLLLY like conspiracies, but truth is their server just can’t handle the traffic.

  • Eric

    I had troubles placing an order this morning, but it’s most likely because they were flooded with traffic and people buying.

  • Tim

    I’ve been able to connect to SD a couple of times today. I went there to check gold and silver prices as I couldn’t access Kitco.

  • Hey SGT,

    While we did have an IP attack a couple weeks back, this time around its traffic overload in grand scale thanks to our friends at the COMEX. We are currently working on increasing server space and optimizing the cache.

    The Doc

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