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Should preppers buy body armor for SHTF?

from Gray Wolf Survival:

Safeguard Armor contacted me recently to see if I’d check out their Stealth body armor and let everyone know what I think. I’ve had experience with different kinds of body armor, both concealed armor with civilian clothes as well as that freaking hot and heavy shit I wore in Iraq and Afghanistan so I thought this would be an interesting topic and figured I’d write about SHFT body armor for preppers as well as do a prepper gear review at the same time. Besides, I’m behind a bit, currently writing a review of the Aurora firestarter and the Suntactics sCharger-12 solar panel all at the same time.

They carry a few different types that you can see at’s Bullet-proof vest page or SafeGuard CLOTHING and have offices in both the UK and US. I’ve never seen any of their other stuff so you’ll have to check it out for yourself.

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10 comments to Should preppers buy body armor for SHTF?


    Where does it end? Why not a helicopter? A helicopter would give a prepper a great escape plan. At the end of the day we can never be totally prepared but we can resist tyranny & fight to the death, that’s what I have psychologically prepared to do. If enough of us fight these mercenaries they will fold like cheap cameras they bleed too. Then we will eliminate these Elitist luciferians & ring in our NWO.

  • Johnny

    Forget about buying this (legally) if you live in CT. They included it in the recent gun bill.

  • Mark S Mann

    Another guy who thinks he knows everything because he pulled some time in the sandbox. There is no such thing as “offensive” or “defensive” body armor. Body armor is life support equipment…period. If you can legally own armor, and afford it, armor that will stop rifle rounds is better than any soft armor….period. As a civilian, If I have to put on a level II vest to go somewhere, you don’t need to be there, even if you are armed and wearing armor. When would you wear armor plates? Simple: Anytime you took up arms to defend your home or property. It takes seconds to put on a plate carrier. If you are going on the road, you can keep it in your vehicle if you have the right type of gear. Bullet resistant clothing? It’s better than a t-shirt in a gun fight, but you cant argue that it’s better or more useful than rifle plates if you can own them or afford them. I don’t know of any armor company that will sell Level 4 rifle plates to civilians anyway.

  • Lugnut

    How well will the body armor protect you from a head shot with a .308 or a .338 Lapua?

  • Mark S Mann

    Obviously It will not protect you against that….and who is going to be shooting at you with a .338 Lapua?

  • mark s mann

    Obviously it will not protect you against that. Who the hell is going to be shooting to you with a .338 Lapua?

  • Nate

    You can’t fully prepare for the unknown and that’s what people are trying to do. While they do that, all the things they could’ve done productively were put off and instead of being able to change the future so they won’t have to be prepped for doomsday now it will be inevitable. There are few things one can really prepare for as the unknown variables are just that…unknown. So, instead of wasting time, energy and money stockpiling a bunch of shit that will just make you a target and/or make you look crazy and/or drain you of resources…why not be prepared for the future by learning new things.
    I mean for instance…does a doctor really need to prep? No, because his/her skills are in such demand that they can get whatever they need for their services. So become more useful, create demand for yourself, and forget about getting x, y and z stocked, as it won’t help anyways and just drain you of the material you could’ve used to reach your potential.
    I say this because I watched my dad prep for Y2K and you know what that amounted to…a bunch of wasted money in his basement and not one ounce better for having all that stuff, had he educated himself in a new skill he could’ve earned back all the money he wasted on that stuff. Just saying…

  • deadman ladydie

    I have decided to not only not get any plates or soft armor, but I am not even gonna be armed. I will perform “services” for marauders to survive. Going toe to toe (tardthumb) is not always the best defense.

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