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SGT Report UNBOUND: MEGA Precious Metals Update

This is a MEGA Precious Metals Update from SGT Report. The news is coming at us so fast and furiously (pun intended) that it’s hard to keep up, even for us. But here’s a half hour update dedicated to the very latest cartel precious metals manipulation news as we watch the end game unfold before our eyes: The COMEX default and economic collapse nears as 99% of ALL gold sales in the last 3 months was thanks to primary broker and agent of the FEDERAL RESERVE, JP Morgan. You can’t make this stuff up – it can ONLY happen when and if the collapse is at hand.

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44 comments to SGT Report UNBOUND: MEGA Precious Metals Update

  • Brian

    How do we do it in Seattle or Portland?…You drive east 1-2hours and pooof! The mysterious yellow orb reveals itself. Winter 98-99 in the Seattle area 2 months of solid rain of some form (mist-sideways rain). We call it liquid sunshine! They had to close the lifts on Mt Baker that year to dig them out. The chairs were dragging in the snow or buried completly. Epic year! I snowboarded on Mt Hood in mid August that year and could still ride to the parking lot (unheard of!).

    As for gold and silver…..keep stacken…if you can find it

    • SGT

      blurg! Sounds like you have a good attitude about it though! Stack on Bri.

      • Upstart

        Another excellent interview. It is good to hear the voice of Rory (MRH) – one of the names behind the SGT Report. The discussion/talk radio format is in my oppinion a valuable addition to the SGT Report – sort of a weekly ‘wrap up’ type of , a format very popular with many other sites.

        At c.20mins Rory talks about the UK demand. Well, approx 60% of my relatives live in the UK and I can tell you with authority that physical metal is getting very thin on the ground. Average price per Troy Ounce of physical Ag is now £27 GBP, which is $40 USD. Some dealers have a one week lead time (and rising) for orders, and one has limited purchases to a set number of ounces per person per week. Even eBay is getting a bit thin. I have other relatives in the Republic of Ireland who say the general situation thire is dire – people cant afford food in some cases, much less buy silver.

        Going back a bit, at around 7mins 20secs or so MRH mentions Lindsey Williams. Lindsey did an interview with Alex Jones (Alex was a bit rude and dismissive to him in my opinion)where Lindsey dropped a bomshell – that the original time line for the collapse had been reinstated. Remember, a few months ago Lindsey said the ‘elite’ had put it back for a couple of years. It now seems, due to the alternative media, and the beginning of a mass public awakening, we are now back on plan A. No time line was given but my interpretation was 9-12months before ‘the event’, or series of events, after which no one will be in any doubt about what is going on.

        I have cut and pasted my previous comment and link from a couple of days ago below:

        NEW Lindsey Williams interview on Alex Jones channel 24th April 2013.

        Talks Pension fund confiscation/taxation, Cyprus type event in Australia, New Zealand, Cayman Islands, and Bahrain. Also, Gold & Silver, new global currency, North American Union, and the setting of new dates for the collapse (it was put back last year but has now been moved up again due to the mass awkening of the people due to the alternative media). Starts at c. 2hrs 25mins………….

    • Brian

      you can find gold and silver,so cut out the crap!! Apmex has 2013 silver eagles front paged and available for delivery…seriously,when prices fall,dealers will pull inventory making it look like their is a shortage because they are not going to sell to you at a loss.(Why is that so hard to understand???????????????)

      Ive been told this by two local dealers so its true…and websites do the same thing

      • Johnny

        Brian, I really don’t think there’s any crap to cut. Scroll down on the SGT homepage and listen to this fantastic interview with Robert Mish: “Robert Mish: Front-Line Observations from a Seasoned Gold & Silver Bullion Dealer.”

        Here’s the link, if you’re interested in looking at the BIGGER PICTURE. It’s a very level-headed view, void of emotionalism.

        • Brian

          There is no point in listening to these “experts” anymore because in this particular instance, I go by what I see….I can buy both gold and Silver right now!.Its available at apmex,its available at other metals websites right now.My local dealer has Silver and gold….there is no shortage, but inventory pulled by dealers unless you are willing to pay the premiums.When metals tank like they have done,Dealers will pull inventory creating the illusion that there is nothing to buy….my local dealer does this and so do others.When Silver goes back up..oh look,more Silver 😉

          • Johnny

            So, basically what you’re insinuating is that those who claim there’s a shortage are not being completely honest?

            I agree, SOME online dealers do advertise that they have silver. I’ve been buying regularly from the usual bunch that I’ve been ordering from right along. But I have not actually received ANY of the orders that I placed in the last 2 1/2 weeks. They claim the delay is due to the increase in volume, and they cannot give me a ship date (or even an estimated ship date).

            These companies I deal with are also “sold out” of particular rounds and bars, and supply is definitely thinner, with not as much to choose from compared to several weeks ago. For the most part, I’m still able to find my standard generic rounds and bars advertised as “in stock.” The premiums are low and as far as I’m concerned, this is the route to go.

            According to Ranting Andy, some of these companies are advertising that they have the product, but really do not have it in stock, hence the wait. It’s either that, or they are unable to keep up with the volume.

      • delllat

        Gold and Silver are available… GO TO

        There is NO SHORTAGE.

        I purchased and received 3(three) 10oz 2012 .999 Silver Australian Koala

    • johns

      MAY 1, 2013. I COMMIT TO BUY at least 1 ounce PHYSICAL Gold and Silver.
      ARE YOU IN ?????? 🙂
      I AM….:)
      Join me, TOGETHER… WE ARE ONE 🙂

  • mac

    yep, Canadians from Vancouver live in a bloody dream about there wonderful city!
    Lived there 50 years.
    1 in 4 – that is a real summer once every 4 years.
    A real Spring is the same – once every 4 years.
    …rain, clouds, sleet, hail, snow and no sunshine, sometimes only a few hours sun in 10 days or more.
    Dream on goofey people. In Van the population is now Over 50% Chinese…they bought the dream….


    Hey Sean,

    as always I am really appreciating your work, thanks brother!

    My question, which no one in the “truth” media has truly addressed as far as I have found (I stand corrected if if someone has) is:

    If (when?) the rigged PM market system collapses or is destroyed and no viable price discovery mechanism exists –
    how on Earth will anyone in any way be able to determine VALUE?
    – Locally?
    – Nationally?
    – Internationally …of an ounce of gold or silver?
    What and even how will anyone ANYWHERE know what an ounce of silver or gold in your hand would be worth?

    If there is no market, there is no trade.
    If there is no trade how would/could value be determined?

    The exponential price rises in the value of PM’s ($5000, $10,000….$56,000?) that us “stackers” & “preppers” dream about seem to me completely dependent on the continued existence of the very same rigged market we wish to see brought to justice….

    …now, I may not have expressed myself well enough re the above, and hopefully I’m missing a crucial part of how things stand but your view would be great to hear.

    Thanks and regards

    • MRH

      Evermore, the market will not disappear. The CRIMEX and LBMA will disappear. The SME (Shanghai Metals Exchange) will more than likely set the global price. Not to worry, there will be an exchange rate for both gold and silver, it will just be handled by someone other than the current set of “alleged” criminals.

  • Mac

    ya, China will buy, Russia will buy, many countries and people will buy and the price will be set by supply demand, not by criminals at the Comex. Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, London can set price- the little world of the usa won’t matter much, you gotta see a world view. America is fading away


      Thanks Mac,
      but I’m thinking its not that simple, because when the markets implode, EVERY market in the world will probably be destroyed…Russia, China, Asia, Australia are ALL part of the same system….just like the LIBOR scandal…everyone everywhere will be getting monkey hammered big time!

  • UKGuy

    Just read your post Evermore, and what you say is something I have often thought about. The conclusion I have come to is when/if a global financial collapse occurs, for a time nothing will have any value. The ‘powers that be’ at that time will have to come up with a new financial system in which I am sure PMs will figure. It is then when you will discover what your gold/silver is worth. All we know is that historically PMs have always had value, therefore better to be invested in PMs than paper because history tells us that fiat currency always fails.


      Agreed and thanks for reply UKGuy

    • YankeeDoodle

      UK GUY: When the global financial collapse occurs guns, ammo, food,water, and all survival gear will have great value. I believe the new financial system is already setup and just waiting to be put in place, which will occur shortly after the collapse happens. This is like a horse race, right now everybody is positioning themselves for the stretch run to give themselves the best opportunity to cross the finish line in the money.It should prove to be a wild finish.

  • Karma Respect

    Perhaps the miners are being deliberately bankrupted so that they can be bought up by the cartel agents and they will then legitimately control all gold and silver production going forward.

    Perhaps the people are being deliberately bankrupted so that their property can be confiscated and bought by the cartel agents and they will legitimately control all property going forward.

    Perhaps the farmers are being deliberately bankrupted so that their farms can be confiscated and bought by the cartel agents such as Monsanto and they will legitimately control all food going forward.

    Perhaps the system is being deliberately bankrupted so that the cash, the equities and the bonds can be confiscated by the cartel and they will be the only ones empowered. Why are the FED buying up mortgage backed securities and buying up equities and treasuries in advance of the collapse if not to legitimately own them?

    A collapse of the debt system is just that, the debt system is over. There will be no debt forgiveness in this world bankruptcy all debts will be called in. The next system will and must be full reserve backing which means that debt will no longer be an option to privately buy property or improve your life. Welfare for all the masses that are to be impoverished in the bankruptcy will be largely unaffordable as will proper medical services.

    The zionist, the masonic agents of this grand plan are all in place, they are the known world leaders and the bankers and the legal, it is Satanic, it is legitimate, welcome to hell. It is to late to have regrets about how we should have seen Palestine as a Satanic made travesty, how we should have voted Ron Paul, how we should have rejected their tyranny and their debt. How gold and silver will help us is not yet revealed apart from the probability that will be a major part of the full reserve monetary system and if you are not in then you are not in.

    “Fascism should more properly be called corporatism, because it is the merger of the state and corporate power.” – Benito Mussolini

    • Jacobson

      Where’s palestine ?
      Where this name came from ?

      Do you accept the name that the romans created and the brits used ?

      Arabs can’t even pronounce the letter “P” ,
      Is it possible that a nation can’t pronounce their name ?


    Where is Rory from? He sounds like a “down home Mississippi boy”? SGT great
    interview…..I will surely tell Lizzy “Pocahontas” Warren and “To Big to Jail
    Holder”!!!They will get right on it!

  • Kim

    Hope and change us precious metal investor’s can belive in, AT LONG LAST!
    As sure as night follows day, good always wins over evil. Look up and thank God for you blessings and do not worry.

  • Johnny

    It’s too bad that 90% “junk” is so hard to come by. Yes, it’s out there, but not like it once was. My dealer hasn’t had it for a couple of weeks. Nothing. This is what we will need to use for our smaller purchases/bartering during the expected finale of the financial meltdown.

    Full one ounce or higher rounds and bars will be far too valuable to use to pick up small amounts of groceries or even gas (assuming those things remain available and retailers remain open – some likely will fold quickly). How would we receive the difference if silver were to rise as high as it likely will?

    Of course, being prepared for such an event is of the utmost. My feeling is that many visitors to this site already store food, or perhaps grow, raise and kill their own, but nonetheless, most of us are not so self-sufficient as to not need something from the outside.

    So, generally speaking, 90% “junk” and small fractionals of silver bullion are great for the hyperinflationary period, whereas larger weight bullion will be more handy in the post-collapse “restructuring” phase.

    That’s assuming things pan out the way many think they will. And judging from recent events and listening to the details as presented in Sean’s latest release, I cannot imagine them turning out any other way. Clearly, the financial and political elite are preparing and positioning themselves for something big. Only an ignoramus would be unable to see that. We must continue to do the same.

  • frank

    question for anyway willing to discuss it. why would canada, the usa and other countries that print their own money, end up pulling a cyprus? cyprus cannot print euros, so they had to steal from the bank depositors to get another bailout. if the usa banks or canadian banks ever needed cash, or bailouts, why wouldnt the government just print more money and give it to them? I understand that it would cause inflation, but either way, through inflation, direct taxation or deposit thefts, the people would end up being finacially raped. why would the govenment do it the direct way, steal from depositors, when they can steal indirectly via printing?

    • Newfie

      Governments don’t control banks, banks control governments. And why you ask? To make people so poor that they will accept anything that government would offer them. SLAVERY with a NWO. It’s not that they HAVE to, its because they are TOLD to do so.

  • Karma Respect

    Should have known that you would reply. I have no problem referring to the Palestinians and will not be intimidated out of referring to this diabolical human travesty where to empower the oppressors these fellow human beings are intentionally denied their freedom and their dignity. Most Israeli Jews would prefer not to see the Palestinians as a people yet alone as Palestinians with a rightful homeland and you want the good folk here to consider them in some way as not existing (????) due to some semantics of denial. Why the denial unless you share in some guilt?

    • WALDO

      Good points Karma, All non-chosen one’s are chatel, cattle or animals to the chosenites.

      “[We Zionists will] spirit the penniless population across the border [of the Jewish state] by denying it employment … Both the process of expropriation [theft of land] and the removal [ethnic cleansing] of the poor must be carried out discreetly and circumspectly.”—Theodore Herzl, founder of the World Zionist Organization, speaking of the Arabs of Palestine, in his diary on June 12, 1895

  • Chuck

    Great Report. I realize all of us that are on SGT are awake to things to come. Maybe 1% of the population is? I have tried to talk to friends and family about being prepared for the economic and social turmoil to come. Most look at me like a confused puppy with heads tilted. I have stopped my attempt to warn others now. Pearls to the swine? Maybe its best that way, they will be happy up to the end. Anyone that is half way awake could not be worried about North Korea, Iran, Syria, coruption through out all the world, drought, Japan’s nuclear problem or any other unforeseen natural disater. These are massive black swans that are in plain sight. Just waiting for one or the whole flock to take off together.

  • Paul

    I don’t understand why people can’t see how gold and silver will still have value when this thing falls apart. It’s because people are still only thinking in dollar terms and not real value terms. People say “well, how will we know what the value of gold and silver is per ounce if there’s no system in place?” the truth is, there’s always a system in place at all times with or without a dollar or euro or yen. It’s called a free market. You’re not gonna have to have some “system” tell you what you’re gold coin will buy. You will determine that by letting it go for a certain amount of goods or services or holding on to it believing it’s not a fair trade. Then you negotiate another deal and when it feels fair to you, the transaction will then be made and you will know through thousands of transactions that are made what the new average value of an ounce of gold is based on a good average of how much stuff each oz bought over a given amount of time. Natural supply and demand will tell you what the new value is. You won’t have to wait for a new system to be reinstated by another criminal banking cartel. You will be the new system with the decision you make on what you’re willing to accept in exchange for that ounce of gold. It’s always been this way. They just tricked us to believe it needed some form of control.

    • Johnny

      Try telling that to those stuck in their dollar-centric trance. This is the reason why so many will never understand or accept the honest value of pm. The trance is too damn strong, and will be ’til their dying breath.

  • Paul

    Well, those that don’t understand it aren’t gonna survive this thing to the other side of it anyway.

  • Karma Respect

    I do not want to hog this thread however I believe most are mature enough to understand THE FORBIDDEN SECRET, take a quiet time and be prepared to hear the most amazing talk that I believe I have ever heard on the subject that is troubling to us all and I pay respect to From the Trenches and Henry for posting it first on his site… it is beyond informative and SGT after listening might feature it. Please understand the title is THE FORBIDDEN SECRET and not everyone will want to hear this revelation, no blame no praise required just an enquiring mind and then draw your own conclusions

    • WALDO


      I will watch video, however I feel you are whistling in the wind most who visit SGT are not ready for the total truth, it is ugly & most cannot wrap their heads around it YET. They are politically correct & fear offending good Jews, keep trying, Eventually it will be self evident.


  • Steve_D

    Another great show Sean.

    R.I.P Jim Tucker, Bilderburg exposer.

    • johns

      WE ARE Jim Tucker……. Carry the torch.
      Thanks Sean, and all thse involved for SGTReport.
      Thank You.
      Sit tight people, what we have been doing for so many years will pay DIVIDENDS.
      May 1st. Buy ONE MORE physical Silver or Gold ounce….and WATCH.
      I COMMIT to one of each. 🙂
      To add to what has documented on this site on the “GREAT SMACK DOWN” Monday evening last week.

      I’m IN……Are YOU ?????????

      • johns

        I bought 50 ounces GOLD PHYSICAL on Monday evening last week….check my post.
        Now you know…… :).
        MAY 1, I COMMIT to join ALL of YOU to buy at least ONE MORE of each… PHYSICAL BULLION…

        ARE YOU IN ?????? 🙂

  • WMoksg

    Sean, following you all these times (about 3 years now), i’d never fail to amaze myself about your patriotism and love for the things that holds so dear, your family, your belief and your love for fellow Americans including the good ool’ American dreams and life. Though i’m not American, i still appreciate your patriotism, love for your country and people. May God bless you and all your subscribers in all that you do. Your fan from Singapore.

  • Cate

    FYI – bought a few silver eagles today up here in Vancouver, Canada. $31.26 each. They were out of Maple Leafs and JM bars and were not sure when or even of they would be getting more in. Trying to sell Hubby so I can pick up a few more eagles but so far no buyers.

  • Rico

    Great interview Sean. The article on JP Morgan controlling 93% of the gold trades really points out where they are…Desperate and Ruthless. Any of you have friends who work for the BIG Invest,emt Banking Houses? How are they doing, attitudinally? I saw a post this morning on fb, which said, “If you don’t fit in, you’re probably doing the right thing.” In this day and age, I don’t think truer words were spoken. This group of CHARLATANS, who steal purchasing power at every turn, every transaction will be held accountable in some way shape or form. Sadly, there are so many people who hang on to the American Dream because they are still fast asleep…Stack away! Peace.

  • R.A.

    Is it possible that the huge banks made huge loans to the miners, shorted them and knocked down the PM price to have them go belly up and then acquire them for pennies? Cheap phyzz if you own mines that produce…it will be interesting to watch what happens

  • Recaptureamerica

    I will post this again…have the banks loaned the mines lmoney, shorted them in attempt BK them to buy them entirely and pennies on the dollar or maybe they will forego the loan for title of the mines…
    Cheap phyzz for producing mines…

  • John

    The Next Domino – Spain

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