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Sen. Rand Paul Grills DHS Janet Napolitano About Arming Pilots at HSGA Committee Hearing

from SenatorRandPaul:

Sen. Paul attended the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee hearing where he examined and questioned the FY2014 Department of Homeland Security budget requests.

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8 comments to Sen. Rand Paul Grills DHS Janet Napolitano About Arming Pilots at HSGA Committee Hearing

  • Pippi

    First time I’ve seen her “live” and not in a still photo. Is she really a woman? She neither sounds nor looks like one. I know that is not relevant to her freaky control issues, but just curious!


    Ever since Rand Paul put the Yamaka om himself & his kid in Israel, I lost all respect for him. It spoke volumes for those listening.

    • theoptimist75

      WALDO. I am sure we will get to see where his true allegiance lies when the cracks of the economy get worse BUT I still believe he is trying the “if you can’t beat them, join them, then beat them” tactic. so far NO ONE I know has ever done it successfully. look at all the tea party candidates that sold out to the lobbyists the minute they got there… it remains to be seen.

  • Johnny

    She sounds like those female bodybuilders that take male growth hormones. Only in her case, I’m sure it’s completely natural.

    I don’t know who exudes evil more, Napolitano or Hillary.

  • ivan

    i agree that ron’s approach did not work, and rand is trying inside. I give him credit for that.

    ps janet just got rammed by babba. hahaha

  • Joe

    Listen Rand Paul is %100 PAID OPPOSITION! Is playing and being paid for the role of “good cop, bad cop”! Rand Paul is another in an endless list of Zionist puppets!

    His name now is regularly highlighted and praised in the main stream media ( that alone should wake you up!), to be used in the future when they need certain legislation passed or need someone to be the lead an agenda meant to remove more of the citizen’s civil liberties! Heyy, if Rand Paul is for it, it must be good!!

    It’s funny how Ron Paul was demonized and ignored buy the same MSM but Rand is a savior! haha

    Honestly, what will it take for so many to see this with their own eyes, without someone having to point it out at every turn?

    • NaySayer

      I hate to agree, but I do. Rand Paul is not his father and I do believe he sold out. I don’t trust him. I approved for a short while about his filibuster, but then I asked myself what did he really accomplish with it? Nothing. He got Holder/Obama to answer a question. He didn’t get NDAA or Drones stopped, he got a question answered.

      Seems like a stunt now.

  • johns

    It is TRULY SAD that our ELECTED people must bow and give honor to APPOINTED people.

    Who’s that dude Rand is bowing to anyway?????????

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