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Reporters covering Tsarnaev manhunt get guns drawn on them, treated like suspects by police

by Madison Ruppert, Activist Post:

As the total lockdown in Boston is lifted and the manhunt for the remaining Tsarnaev brother continues, reporters attempting to cover the situation are being treated by police like suspects. In some cases officers are even drawing their weapons on the reporters.

James Ford, a reporter with local New York television station WPIX, got himself into hot water when filming police.

“I’ve been removed from crime scenes but never by officers with their guns drawn on me,” Ford said.

One officer told him to get back and asked, “Is it worth your life?”

“I’m tethered to this cable,” Ford said, according to the Huffington Post. “What’s more important, saving the cable or saving your life?” the officer asked.

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1 comment to Reporters covering Tsarnaev manhunt get guns drawn on them, treated like suspects by police

  • Hannon

    I know people will disagree and say something like “not all cops are bad” but let’s face it, cops are the extreme lowest of the low and they are the worst of the worst kinda street thugs we have ever had to deal with, in many ways they have shown themselves to be as bad or worse than red coats. There comes a certain point where no matter how good you are, you have to realize you are putting on the uniform of the bad guys and make a choice. There was a point in Nazi Germany when uniformed men were good guys doing their duty but if you were still in that uniform by the 1940s there was no excuse. Just doing my job is no longer a viable or moral excuse at this point in America anymore, so it’s time for these people to think real hard about what they are doing and make a choice.

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