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Reasons to own precious metals continue to grow

from Gold Money:

Precious metals analyst Bill Haynes raised an interesting point recently on King World News.

Imagine that in 2005 you told your peers and colleagues about some of the events that we would witness in the next decade. That Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns would no longer exist. That the Federal Reserve’s balance sheet would be almost $3 trillion. That the Nikkei would rise by over 40% as the Japanese government sought to trash the yen. You would have likely lost most of your credibility. The latest debacle is the EU attempting to directly confiscate money out of Cyprus depositor accounts. It is a startling development and further indication that we are reaching another 2008-style crisis point. The importance of owning physical gold and silver should be obvious.

The recent developments in Cyprus are just the latest in a series of events that sound more like a science fiction novel than free market economics. If the proposed EU/IMF plan goes through successfully, is there really much difference between this action and what MF Global did with its client’s money in late 2011?

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