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Private Military Contractors Under Suspicion for Boston Bombing

from Activist Post:

Yesterday, posted images of what they referred to as Navy SEALs in civilian field gear lurking at the finish line of the Boston Marathon where two bombs killed 3 and injured hundreds.

It turns out these men were Blackwater-like private military contractors from Craft International, according to investigative journalist Anthony Gucciardi of

The two mercenaries were wearing typical field gear of khaki tactical pants, combat boots, black coats, and carrying suspicious backpacks. But what really gives them away as Craft International mercs is the hat with the Punisher-like symbol on it.

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1 comment to Private Military Contractors Under Suspicion for Boston Bombing

  • AgShaman

    ‘Mercs’ are generally soul-less creatures…motivated by power and profit.

    They will be the enemy that deserves your focus going forward.

    They won’t be properly “prepped”….and therefore, most likely will be perfectly fine with doing the dirty work of the oligarchs that have captured our govt.

    This includes the disarming of American citizens or a civil war scenerio

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