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Playing the North Korea Card

by Stephen Lendman,

For decades, North Korea’s wanted normalized relations with Washington. It’s been repeatedly rebuffed. Promises made were broken. America needs enemies.

North Korea’s straight from central casting. Media scoundrels take full advantage. On April 2, Washington Post editors headlined “Answer North Korea with financial sanctions,” saying:

Kim Jong Un “managed to concoct a fresh provocative announcement aimed at Washington.” He declared both Koreas “were back to a ‘state of war.’ ”

“Could this untested, 30-year-old dictator be preparing to start a war with the United States or South Korea? The worrying reality is that it is virtually impossible for outsiders to know for sure.”

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19 comments to Playing the North Korea Card

  • Karma Respect

    War is inevitable to coincide and provide cover for the economic collapse. The Fed is busy buying up Mortgage Securities with their QE. Broke people cannot repay mortgages and we are being set up for the great theft of most private property, paper deposit savings, paper pension savings and stocks not directly registered in your name.

    The next system will be full Reserve meaning no debt as debt will have been wiped out and the transfer of property and paper wealth will have been made under cover of war collapse. No debt folks means permanent poverty just as in Palestine. Think about it for a moment while you still feel you have property and paper assets and a job that are secure as once a long time ago the Palestinian people thought like you.

    3 billion incarcerated and ruled over by the communist cartel of bankers and their oligarchs like Monsanto, Soros etc in a cashless system of ultimate control.

    • Jacobson

      The arabs in those times never defined themselves as ‘palestinians’ , this word appeared just in 1967 (can you show me a palestinian poet from 18th century or palestinian archeology ?)

      In 1948 , after U.N & U.K decided to divide the area to two countries , the jews accepted but the arabs launched a war , and they lost .

      By the way , my family lost their multi generetional wealth of land in the persian gulf just beacuse they were jews , and then they were forced to leave – I agree to return any private land that was in the hands of arabs in Israel but I want my huge lands in Iran . Justice for all isn’t it ?

      It’s intersting to see how you put the palestinian crap in every article while as american I would be more concerned about the native americans that were smashed by your glorious founding fathers like old hickory that killed the bank but many innocent people as well .
      He said “I killed the bank” so you people will remember this murder but not the other ones .

      • Karma Respect

        Palestine is an extreme example of persecution and theft where Justice is Just Us for the Zionist Israel. The reason for using an example is to help insular people to think outside their box as it can and probably happen in a similar fashion here.

        • Jacobson

          Oh…so you people need to think outside the box and learn what confiscation and exile really are .
          Ask every jew and he’ll tell you how is it feel .
          The sad part is that it happend just beacuse of their jewishness and not beaucse of an economic collapse .
          The amount of goods and lands that the jews lost (just those who came from arab countries) is 100 times more than what arabs of Israel lost in 1948 or 1967 .

          But you ‘liberty guys’ will never mention jews that lost their fortune and lands , when it’s jews it’s ok , right ?

      • Glitter1

        The founding fathers didn’t steal the Indian lands, the politicians under control of the Bankers(Globalist)fomented those thefts.The same Bankers(Globalist) through the politicians re-established Israel in Palestine in 1948.Those same Zionist Globalist Bankers,through the politicians, are using the Guns Of America to rape,pillage and subjugate the World in order to bring in their NWO Kingdom (Protocols Of Zion).

        • Jacobson

          You guys are stuck in the denial !
          Old hickory was a cruel murderer who divided two tribes of indians and joined one of them ,helping them to slaughter their brothers .
          After he finished with the first tribe , he smashed the tribe that helped him .
          He did it with rifles against bows and arrows .

          But it’s the jew’s fault right ?
          Oh..I mean…the zionist …

          It’s the easiest thing to blame others and see only what you want to .
          But I guess you people are gonna get what you deserve .

    • Glitter1

      You’ve got it down pat.

  • Karma Respect

    Not to belabour the point but a month ago the people of Cyprus thought they were secure and the Troika of communists would bail them out, what happens their homes, their future especially in a grand worldwide fiat collapse?

    Communism to borrow from Celente is Just Us for the bankers, socialist politicians and their favoured oligarchical entities.

    Gold and silver are essential being monetary metals outside their system, will they be enough to provide a future without poverty is always the big question that we may have to wait for an answer.


    If you want to know your future just observe how USRaeL treats the Palestinians.

    • Jacobson

      If you want to know YOUR future , learn from the past of your people and what they have done to the native americans .

      BTW , Israelis had rules against salvery 3000 years ago while you people had slaves only 300 years ago .

      • WALDO

        @ Jacobson

        Please learn the history of your elitist Jewish leaders. The Jews were the slave traders 300, 200, 150 years ago, They owned the ships. Many anglo-ized their Jewish names, most like Columbus were Morrano Jews. Many also owned the plantations.

        The Jews also control the white slave trade to this day. You would never know it because they control the media, Hollywood & the dept of education academia in nearly all universities. Many books on this subject many written by Jews one example read;

        The Jewish White Slave Trade and the Untold Story of Raquel Liberman
        Nora Glickman

        • Jacobson

          I know the history of my people better than you .
          Judaism is against slavery , and in jewish communities slave trading was totally prohibited .
          Rules against slavery you can find in the old tastement .
          Jews were the first people who wanted to stop the slavery in america .
          MLK for example had a full support from the jews .

          CHRIStopher Colombus wasn’t a jew but it is true that kings in ancient days had jewish advisors .

          So you against the “academia” and universities ?
          What about all the discoveris and technology ?
          What about people like Sigmund Freud and Albert Einstein , or other innovative jews like Jesus (the most successful israeli of all times) ?

          You hater can moan against the jews while they will keep their proccess .
          BTW ,
          it’s intersting how you look at the jews as one untied group .
          That’s how you look at things ? by generalization of any ethnic group ? wow !


    The Old Testament is a supremacist text but the real treasure lies in your most revered Talmud. These are just a few of sicko Rabbinical doctrine.

    Sanhedrin 55b . A Jew may marry a three year old girl (specifically, three years “and a day” old).

    Sanhedrin 54b . A Jew may have sex with a child as long as the child is less than nine years old.

    Kethuboth 11b . “When a grown-up man has intercourse with a little girl it is nothing.”

    Sanhedrin 59a: “Murdering Goyim is like killing a wild animal.”

    Abodah Zara 26b: “Even the best of the Gentiles should be killed.”

    Sanhedrin 59a: “A Goy (Gentile) who pries into the law (Talmud) is guilty of death.”

    • Jacobson

      All the way from the ‘anti zionist’ to the ‘sicko jews’ was quick this time !
      In many of the ‘anti zionist’ , there’s a deeper disorder of racism .
      History reapts .

      You can’t fully understand talmudic or biblic texts since you can’t read the source language .
      When you qoute 5 sentences out of tens of thousands pages , you put everything out of context .
      For example , I can tell you that the 55b you mentioned is actually talking about sexual development of women – when little girl reach the age of 3 , she has an hormonal functioning system (whereas boys not) .
      Amazing ha ?

      • WALDO

        I did not translate, Rabbinical Scholars have & it can all be found in the Jewish encyclopedia. By planting doubt in one translation you believe it plants doubt to the average goy, you are wrong, most understand the deceptions & word manipulation, we are in a great time of the un-veiling. You can continue the lies or come over to the side of truth as many other brave Jews have.


        • Jacobson

          Ok Mr. WALEED ,
          your vile hate won’t take you anywhere .
          I guess that il’l have to accept again what Torah tells me :
          In every generetaion there’s an enemy that want to wipe out the jews , and in every generetaion , god is saving the jews .

          And you call me a liar ?
          Beacuse you can’t really say anything against the real translation I wrote .
          It is hard for you to see that the text is not against you as people told you .
          You can’t read aramic or hebrew and understand the atimology of words .
          That’s the side of truth , and I can give you many more …
          Jewish encyclopedia huh ?

  • Ed_B

    Geeze… quit whining about what has been lost in the past, already. Practically everyone has lost something. My family had VERY large estates in the US south and lost it all in the civil war. History does that. Get over it and move on with your life.

  • MRH

    Waldo and Jacobsen–You guys can either turn it down a notch or there will be consequences, hate speech is one of the few forms of speech with a low tolerance at SGTReport. Speak your minds, but keep it civil and respectful. Otherwise, keep it to yourself.

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