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Peter Schiff: “When People Realize Where This Gold Ends Up — There’s Going To Be A Scramble To Buy It Back”

by Tekoa Da Silva, Bull Market Thinking:

I had the opportunity this afternoon to connect with Peter Schiff, CEO and Chief Global Strategist of Euro Pacific Capital. It was a fascinating conversation, which took place while gold was absolutely collapsing.

During the interview, Peter explained that today’s sell-off, triggered by a Goldman Sachs sell recommendation was based on the “false idea” of European Central Bank gold sales hitting the market. Instead he explained, gold is preparing its move “from weak hands to strong hands”, before heading to new all-time highs.  


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5 comments to Peter Schiff: “When People Realize Where This Gold Ends Up — There’s Going To Be A Scramble To Buy It Back”

  • Troy

    I do not own gold, nor will I ever buy any. Silver is my thing.

    • Ed_B

      Isn’t it nice to have that choice? Having some of each, I see the value in both. I like the portability of gold and the everyday use of silver for barter. Both have good and bad points. I can bug out fast with $20,000 in gold in my jeans pockets and swim a river if I have to. Try that with silver and you’ll end up “sleeping with the fishes”, as they say.

  • Frank Zak

    Tekoa Da Silva was first to show the greatest
    Comex drawdown of gold in its recorded history
    just now.

    He would be a good one for SGT to interview.

  • Ricky B

    I have been aitting on the sidelines since january. This is a new all time low. What a great opportunity to buy into silver and gold. I think gold will rebound to at least $1725 in september/october, and silver to at least $35. This is only a short term collapse of the metals, and this is just screaming manipulation. It won’t last more than 3 months top(as in price below $1650-$1700)

  • karate kid

    america is going down the stream of delusion

    abortion gay rights no guns no rights

    wars money backed by nothing but guns how hyprcritical
    no law just the law of power to do no wrong

    gold and silver will always be money

    america is already lost .
    weve already closed the door on the coffin
    when will gold be money used again as money

    a lot sooner than america will be free again

    when is the military giveing up thier guns after all guns kill?

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