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Obama’s Full Auto Lie, On the Back of the Sandy Hoax – Plus, Idiotic CO Congresswomen Opens Mouth & Reveals She’s a Moron

from NextNewsNetwork:

Colorado Congresswoman Diana Degete Hates Guns, And Doesn’t Understand Gun Magazines (or Clips) Because She is a Complete IDIOT.

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7 comments to Obama’s Full Auto Lie, On the Back of the Sandy Hoax – Plus, Idiotic CO Congresswomen Opens Mouth & Reveals She’s a Moron

  • dan

    she may be an idiot..but she was voted into office…by people with less smarts than her….and they all breed…that is a horrible thought…imho

  • prestodo

    Clips??? Who the heck uses clips anymore??? Hey, pass me the bandoliers while you’re at it. People who have never shot a firearm and have not taken the time to familiarize their self with the proper nomenclature of that weapon routinely confuse the term “clip” to mean “magazine”. Most semi-auto weapons are magazine fed. Most weapons that use a “clip” date back to WW2 era where the amunition was inserted into the weapon and held in line by a “clip”.

  • Upstart

    A good proportion of the decline we see in the west can be traced back to laws, regulations, and rules passed or pushed by women.

    Am I sexist? I dont know, maybe. Maybe I just see through all the political correctness bullshit we have been fed over the last century, but all around the planet, for at least the last 4000 years, people did not allow women to hold high office, nor to pass laws, nor to serve as religious leaders, nor to serve in front line military units.

    Many of the laws of the Torah, the Bible, and the Quran concerning women, and the separate and distinct roles woman and men should undertake in a civilised society, have been largly turned upside down this and the last century.

    As we have all clearly progressed in the last 100 years, and we now represent the very pinnicle of human civilisation, education, philosophy, and morality, we must clearly and demonstratably know better than those who went before us, and everything our ancestors learned during the previous 4000 years (sarc).

    Be careful never to confuse technological advancement with the advancement of civilisation. One can exist without the other.

    Perhaps our ancestors were much wiser than we give them credit for, especially when it came to allowing women to hold high office. Heck, they even understood what money was.

    Think about about it before ‘flaming’ me.

    • hatch381

      I personally will have to give you a pass in this case since I can’t pose a plausible defense against your comments. However, using your reasoning then we must conclude that Eric Holder, Barack Obama, and Ben Bernanke, are dykes.

      • Upstart


        I dont know about dykes, but it is very clear they are someones ‘bitches’. LOL.

        Anyway, I could equally be considered as being sexist towards men too, as im my opinnion, many of todays men do not qualify as being ‘men’ in the traditional sense of the word. Just because they are of the male gender they dont automatically qualify as being men. The traditional qualities of being a men are sadly absent in vast swathes of the male population, indeed many spend more time pampering themselves, shaping and tanning thier bodies, and posing in front of mirrors than teenage girls. But hey, lets not get me started on yet another rant as I could talk about the destruction of the man, the father, and the family all day long – but I wont as I’m sure people have got better things to do than read my comments.

        For the record, I have absolutely no issue at all with strong, intelligent, capable, and independent women, in fact I love and greatly value these qualities in a women. Again, we must be careful about confusing a ‘career’ with freedom, independance, and proof of capability.

        For society to function properly women and men must be recognised as being different from each other, and that they perform different functions in society and in life. Men in womens roles and women in mens roles may appear good on paper but it rarely works well long term. Indeed historically, mixing/confusing/confounding gender roles and responsibilities has not led to stable and coherant societies. We only need to look around today for evidence of how coherant, stable, moral, well educated, and skillful our society is.

        Going back to a religious viewpont, the Torah, the Bible, and the Quran are quite clear about all this. For those who understand or follow either of these Holy books it is clear that we cannot pick and choose which parts of these religions to follow and which to disregard. This is especially so for the roles of men and the roles of women. Of course, those who have no respect for these books can form a society in any way they see fit – such as the one we live in today for example.

        • hatch381


          Well stated. Once again I cannot offer an argument with your comments. Thanks for the exchange and for providing me with a moment of sanity in this insane world.

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