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Know-It-All Porter Stansberry Makes Light of the CFR & NWO While Hosting Guest Who Represents Them Both!

from StansberryMedia:

In this episode, Porter and Aaron sit down with author & CFR member Dr. Benn Steil, author of The Battle of Bretton Woods: John Maynard Keynes, Harry Dexter White, and the Making of a New World Order, to talk about the origins of our fiat banking system, Russian spies, the World Bank, the IMF, and Black Hawk helicopters.

Did you ever wonder why a European heads the IMF while most of the funds come from the U.S.? Dr. Steil lets you in on the story behind the story.

Porter also discusses why he’s getting excited about the recent drop in Apple, the gold “scam” that’s taking place right under your nose, peak oil revisited, taxing the rain, the chicken entrepreneur, and Tavon “Bulldog” White.

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6 comments to Know-It-All Porter Stansberry Makes Light of the CFR & NWO While Hosting Guest Who Represents Them Both!

  • CynicalCentaur

    Is it now or know -it-all?

  • axav

    Should be: Know-It-All

    I cannot stand Stansberry, personally.

  • john 2

    Porter gets on my nerves. He’s an arrogant know-it-all. I tire of hearing about his trips down in the Caribbean aboard his massive yacht.

    He’s still living in the old paradigm. He’s going to lose his azz when all these paper assets become worthless.

  • johns

    Beware of Porter Stansberry…….SCAM ALERT. I speak as a former subscriber.

  • Repas

    IMO, not a scam artist. Interviewed for a job as an analyst at Stansberry in 2008. A very knowledge and impressive guy — and of course very confident (some would say arrogant). Straight shooter who answered all my questions about his pending SEC charges at the time. Never got the job because it wasn’t offered. But the kind of guy you want to work for. Did not seem to lack any integrity to me. I am a subscriber. Separate their advertising practices from the man himself if you can, and you may find value and a truly independent opinion as i do.

    Endorsement finished. Flame on haters.


    Even his name sounds phoney

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