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‘North Korean nuclear threat to US is a bogus one’

from 21stCenturyWireTV:

Sure, North Korea’s recent series of weekly verbal provocations towards Seoul and their ally the US should be taken seriously in diplomatic terms, but is Pyongyang’s bark worse than its bite? It certainly looks that way. Evidence suggests that the North Korean nuclear threat is a bogus one. 21st Century Wire’s Patrick Henningsen speaks to RT News and explains the propaganda going in both directions.

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2 comments to ‘North Korean nuclear threat to US is a bogus one’

  • Frank Zak

    Just reading a science article on
    North Korea. They have about 8 tiny nuks.
    Can only make 2 a year with new facility opening.
    Warheads are a joke. We have defence all over Guam.

    • Upstart


      Nonone knows for sure how many nukes the NKs have, nor what size they are. We can only infer from live tests. When Pakistan were developing thier nukes they had their capility grossly underestimated by most.

      We must always be mindful that North Korea is the gateway to Chinas soft underbelly. It is a buffer state between the US empire and the resurgant China.

      North Korea also acts as a buffer to a somewhat vulnerable part of Russia too, something often overlooked, but a point that must be factored in to any military equation.

      North Korean missiles are no threat to Guam, but Chinas missiles could turn it into a ‘bikini-attol’. This is more likely the reason for the upgrading of the air defences on and around the island base.

      The US forces in the Korean region, since the end of the cold war with the soviets, have had more to do with keeping China in check than the Russians or the North Koreans. The Chinese view the US has a hostile ‘offensive’ force and have prepared themselves accordingly. We must not loose sight that the US planned to use nuclear weaopons on both North Korea and mainland China during the Korean war. Neither China nor North Korea have ever forgotten that.

      As for North Korean warheads being a joke, lets get real. No nuclear warhead is a joke. Imagine one of those ‘jokes’ being exploded in a US container port, or in the docks off NYC, or even inside a vehicle in Washington. US bases and capital ships in the region would be very vulnerable to such jokes. It is ‘not the size the weapon its how you use it’, as they say.

      Just because NK can not launch ICBM’s (like China can) it does not mean they cannot give old uncle sam a good hard punch in the face. Sometimes just one punch can floor a much bigger and much stronger opponent. I think they call this ‘an upset’ in fighting circles. Will uncle sam get up and give NK the whooping of its life, quite likely, but if he goes too far NKs big friend China may step in and end the fight in ways uncle sam may ot like or expect.

      The US goes to war much too quickly and much too easily, with people all over the planet. This can not be sustained. As a result a great humbling will eventually occur, sooner rather than later in my opinion.

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