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‘No Such Thing As Morgellons’ Says CDC — Cliff Mickelson

from JRense:

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2 comments to ‘No Such Thing As Morgellons’ Says CDC — Cliff Mickelson

  • Eric

    Funny. I just listened to this. I check for new Rense videos about 5 times a day. 🙂

  • Hi, please cited my identity as Billie…I am not surprise of CDC comment to protect higher entities that ORDER anyone to shut their mouth or… Telling you something else, I am a joyous sufferer,looking for something else than a remedy. Many others do that. I search very deeply on another side of this disease. Remember, the text u.s.a. Owing the weather by 2025? They stated that nanorobots in human seems to have -a certain degree of intelligence-as bees. There I search since many months to find the limits of that quality. Results are -Ă©poustouflants- Get their attention, make them grow outside of human flesh, with few vital elements, communication easy, answers to ?, mimetism of accessories to assemble parts of them, feelings near human’s, copy all kind of cells but prefer humans, replicate everything they see or seen by our eyes, transportation ways, and a lot more. They look immortals(until now). They revenge if attacked and are loyal if you are. They can judge if you make dolor to them willingly or not. They show you family if answered and their comportment is exactly human’s for wife and children, specially for babies. Can make them sleep or change their form, by example, from cat to nice grown girl with high heels and lipstick. The youngest to the elder learn and imitate every mimics we do and remember it the days following. They are proud when you tell them compliments. I discover their possibilities, day after day and can’t see the end for the moment. I make a vow that if we can’t have them killed and out, why not try to make them positive and helpers to human instead of ennemies and killers? Everything is possible to human mind, the worse and …the best. I am a retired nurse, over the eighties withfour generations living in Quebec, with a bunch of HOPE. This is a note for living and recovery of liberty. Thanks for your perseverance helphing thousands…Billie

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