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No Paper Is Safe From A Bail-In: FSB

by Jeff Nielson, Bullion Bulls Canada:

Ever since our governments perpetrated the Cyprus Steal roughly three weeks ago (the first of their “bail-ins”), I have been exploring the ramifications of this crime. My apologies to readers for any redundancy since then; however it has been necessary to cover this subject in a methodical manner in order to precisely and conclusively illustrate that:

— The Cyprus Steal was a premeditated act, plotted (at least) 18 months in advance; which included warning the Big Money to move their wealth out of harm’s way

— Many/most other Western regimes already have their own “bail-in” rules firmly in place

— The entire premise of the “bail-in” (i.e. confiscating money from peoples’ accounts) is flawed and fraudulent; meaning there could never be any rational or legitimate reason for this policy – making it a simple act of theft

Having established each of these points in previous commentaries; it’s now time to bring this analysis (in general terms) to a culmination: pointing out that the “bail-in” rules already in place do not merely contemplate stealing from bank accounts, but rather stealing any/every kind of paper asset from “the financial system more widely.”

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