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God Bless The Republic. Down with Tyrants. We Will Prevail! – James Wesley Rawles

from Survival Blog:

Reader H.L. sent: Montana Governor Vetoes State Nullification of Federal Gun Grab. Sounds like Montana needs a new Governor. Oh well, at least there are a lot of Sheriffs there with some backbone.

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Some folks have jumped on the band wagon and now tout Tennessee as “The Redoubt of the East.” But violent crime statistics suggest that the American Redoubt is a much safer place to live. And the difference in the relative risk of being robbed at gunpoint is even more pronounced. (Granted, the state’s crime problem is concentrated in its three largest cities: Memphis, Knoxville, and Nashville. It is unfortunate that these population centers aren’t all at one end of the state. Thankfully the rural areas are much safer.) Tennessee’s root problem is its overall high population density. The population density of the state averages 153 people per square mile. (For comparison, Idaho has 19 people per square mile, Montana has less than 7 per square mile, and Wyoming has less than 6 per square mile.) The population of just the city of Memphis is 652,000.

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