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Mystery Military Men in Boston Were Part of WMD Response Team

from Activist Post:

After much speculation around the mysterious “military contractor” types with black backpacks in the bomb zone of the Boston Marathon before and after the explosions took place, it has been revealed that they were part of an elite government WMD response team.

Originally thought to be Navy SEALs in civilian field gear, or private mercenaries from The Craft due to one member wearing a hat with their logo, the Weapons of Mass Destruction-Civil Support Team (WMD-CST) that was on duty in Boston during the attack is run by the National Guard.

“There are two CSTs that are engaged out there (in Boston) in the response‚Ķ In fact, one of the first images that I saw was the Massachusetts CST was actually right there,” said Wisconsin CST commander Lt. Col. David W. May on April 16th.

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10 comments to Mystery Military Men in Boston Were Part of WMD Response Team

  • anonymous

    “Listen to all, Follow none.” -CD
    It’s amazing that some people feel so strongly about their ideas (bloggers from activist post and on sgtreport) that once they make up their minds on something they can’t let go or see another point of view. I think we all convince ourselves of ideas we feel so strongly about once in a while. Lord I know I do. I am very happy I found this site and everybody discusses talking points in a respectable manner and there are minimal childish outbursts.

  • monica

    not so amazing that people can look at information from a wide variety of sources and discern a multitude of irregularities and disparity in the reports fed by MSM spin. typically people that do engage in this type of research and way of informing themselves are far from childlike, and enjoy discussion. they know truth to bullshit and stand with truth no matter how patronizing some assholes like to be. just sayin’

  • Jonathan

    This makes a lot of sense they were Mass Destruction Civil Support Teams. Okay so why are none of them wearing protective gear. Why were they so sure that the bomb that just went off wasn’t biological, chemical or radioactive. Any team that is trained to deal with events of mass destruction are also trained to put on their respirators and protect their skin until they are assured no dangerous substances are floating in the air.

    • anonymous

      You can’t walk around in a level A suit at a large function without alarming people. If nobody has chemical symptoms it hasn’t been released. Hot radio-active sources can be detected from great distances with the proper detectors and handled before they are spread, recommendations can be made so people don’t get hurt. Bio takes time to incubate and has a hard time surviving in sunlight and some can be treated with antibiotics. There is still a cover up, your just blaming the wrong guys and most likely have zero experience in this subject. You cant take every precaution until you have some type of indicator. They ran towards the explosion for christ sake to help injured people putting their own lives at risk. Are you going to protect the innocent when the collapse happens or are you only going to think about yourself?

      • Jonathan

        I am not blaming the CST members I’m saying they had actionable intelligence from the FBI that some of the terrorist who had worked with the government before may be involved in an attack on the Boston Marathon. The CST members were told what type of bomb it would be and that they didn’t have to worry about chemical or biological weapons. I’m sure these CST members good people who believe they are working for a honorable cause. I don’t think they are terrorists, I think they were warned about one group of terrorists by another group of terrorists. P.S. please don’t make the argument that they were more worried about alarming people then the were worried about their own safety. A bomb just went off I’m pretty sure people were worried. If they didn’t know what type of an attack it would be they would have put on respirators instantly after the bomb went off.

        • Jonathan

          Another point I forgot to make is that there are many reports of a bomb drill being announced at the race. A track coach from a major university as well as the chief of police discussed the large amounts of extra security at this event compared to others. You claim they didn’t want to make people worry which is why they weren’t wearing suits. I claim the FBI didn’t want to make people worry by organizing this fake bomb drill which was a cover for the security that was there looking the Tsaraev brothers. The FBI probably thought they could stop them which is why they didn’t warn the public. If the FBI knew about a possible attack and didn’t warn the public in my opinion that is aiding and abetting terrorism. I respect you point that claiming these guys were the terrorists seems ridiculous but that doesn’t mean they aren’t evidence. Plus a friend of mine is a firefighter trained in HazMat and he tells me if someone was trained is hazardous materials they would have worn a respirator.

        • anonymous

          I’m sorry John I’m having a hard time following what point you are trying to get across. What proof do you have that they were privy to a possible attack? I have been in hundreds of life threatening situations by choice and I honestly wasn’t thinking about myself (most of the time) only about the task at hand. They obviously were worried about others when the video showed them running in the other direction of everybody else towards the explosion. They also were walking around with radiological detectors in their backpacks; for the hell of it??? So if they were there, to what purpose were they informed of an IED? Why would they be there just to drum up attention of the alternate media?

          • anonymous

            let me read what you just posted. i sent this before i refreshed your last comment

            • anonymous

              Ok, I understand what you are saying about the FBI. But still no proof they had 100% knowledge of a device. If the FBI tells the mayor of Boston we have a possible chance of an IED and he says your not canceling the marathon without something tangible he will say F**k off! We are not canceling or alarming my Bostonians. In regard to your friend and his one week of 40 hour HAZWOPER training for industrial chemicals you would still not wear a CBRN suit unless you had intelligence, symptoms or positive identification before you donned your protective equipment. Hell all of this could be above the FBI. Good discussion you may have the last word I am hitting the sack.

              • Jonathan

                I don’t understand your argument, Anonymous. You’re talking about an entire suit. I’m talking about a respirator mask in your back pack you throw on until you know the coast is clear. You can throw out HAZWOPER and CBRN to make your argument look more scientific but there’s nothing scientific about specialists not using proper protective gear when a possible terrorist attack has just happened. You seem to know something about science so you must know that radiation sources can be masked using certain types of metals as well radiation detectors can be made to malfunction using the right signal. They couldn’t have determined for sure the bomb didn’t contain hazardous materials until minutes after the bomb went off. But how did they know another bomb with hazardous materials wasn’t going t go off next. Maybe the mayor did tell the FBI to F-off but they work for the USA as a whole not the mayor of Boston. They had a responsibility to warn the public.

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