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Maybe Means No

by Andy Hoffman,

It’s seldom I can incorporate my mother into RANTS.  However, when considering last month’s FOMC meeting – wherein, they “pondered” ending QE, but ultimately voted 11-1 to stay the course – the first thing that came to mind was an “adage” my mom used when she wanted to shut me up; i.e., “MAYBE MEANS NO.”

Whether I wanted a ride to my girlfriend’s house, a new pair of jeans, or a chocolate bar; the best way she knew to “put me off” without outright refusing was to simply say “maybe.”  It frustrated me to no end; but eventually, I felt solace in the hope maybe might mean “yes”; perhaps, with a probability of up to 50%.

Unfortunately for the both of us, I eventually figured out “MAYBE MEANS NO”; and thus, whenever she said “maybe,” I knew I wasn’t getting what I wanted.  Sort of like what the Gold Cartel will shortly learn; when they can no longer get away with attacking PAPER PM s every time Helicopter Ben speaks…

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