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Martial Law in Boston — Government Ordered Information Blackout

from roypotterqa:

The government has shut down websites that are critically important for the investigation by the public or by private investigators.

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5 comments to Martial Law in Boston — Government Ordered Information Blackout

  • schlomo

    Politicians and “leaders” outside of one side of their mouths: “We will overcome!” “We stand strong!” “They are cowards!” “But our men in air conditioned buildings are heroes when they send a drone missile into a wedding party in Afghanistan and kill 50 people!” “Everything is under control!” “You are safe!” From the other side of their mouths: “Shut down the city!” “Batten down the hatches!” “Stay indoors!” “Shut down your business 15 miles away from any police activity!” “Lock your doors!” “Don’t lock and load the guns we don’t let you own!” “Only police can protect you!” “Only police can own weapons and standard capacity magazines!” “Don’t open your door for anyone except police!” “Our Homeland Security analysts are studying how many people obey when told to stay indoors so we know what to expect when we declare martial law!” “99.5% obey!”

    And this due to a 19 year old by all accounts untrained in all things martial? What happens when 5 trained guys go Rambo?

  • steelerdude

    I think Michelle ordered this executive order after Barack threw a temper tamptrum about the senate tossed out the background check….

  • Warp

    It’s interesting that such a siege would happen there in the aftermath of Monday’s events.

    What better way to attempt to regain control of reality than to terrorize the people who took pictures on Monday into silence?

  • Anthony

    Something is going on. Russia Today – site is timing out (blocked??).
    Is this internet censorship here in Amerika?

  • monica

    totally agree with clip

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