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Lawrence O’Donnell on The Role of WeAreChange

from WeAreChange:

WeAreChange runs into MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell on the streets of Boston where a lot of news agencies were doing live reports. O’Donnell talks about their previous encounters, the importance of the work WeAreChange does and the comments that he has gotten about their other interviews.

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2 comments to Lawrence O’Donnell on The Role of WeAreChange

  • Warp

    LO seems very hesitant to say the wrong thing now that he sees the reach of new and Internet-based media. And it’s obvious that he is relaying the fact that he sees this as very much a generational phenomenon. He seems to know that his position, as is that of O’Reilly and others, is that of dinosaur.

  • Velocity of Money

    I recently was an attendee of a two day intensive negotiation workshop. We were taught that when negotiating if a person looks up as they are trying to formulate a response it “statisticlly” means they are making up or adding false information to the response. If they are looking down it means they are trying to remember exactly how to respond while withholding sensitive information (or no sensitive information, aka the truth). If they look side to side it is a sign that they have no idea how to respond and will most likely make something up out of thin air. If they look you in the eye while giving a response they are telling you the truth as they understand it.

    Hmmmmm…..L.O. may infact be telling the truth. He also may in fact be responding with truth while withholding all of his opinion or known information. None-the-less, L.O. and the rest of the MSM must know their version or types of information shared with the public as gate keepers is loosing is effectiveness and power. The truth is being unchained!

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