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Kim Kardashian’s New Illuminati All-Seeing Eye Diamond Bracelet

from MarkDice:

Kim Kardashian posted a picture on her Instagram of her new Illuminati All-Seeing Eye diamond bracelet. Her Illuminati wannabe boyfriend Kanye West must be teaching her about occult symbolism and the satanic secret society.

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1 comment to Kim Kardashian’s New Illuminati All-Seeing Eye Diamond Bracelet

  • NaySayer

    That is not an all seeing eye that is the eye that is to ward off evil. What crimes does Dice accuse these people of? NOt being christian or worshipping how HE thinks they should? This is supposed to be America, land of freedom of worship. But like a lot of supposed patriots, he ignores that.

    If he has evidence that these idiot celibritards have committed crimes, then by all means expose them and try to get them arrested and tried but otherwise stop bashing people for their freedom of association & religion, it is hypocritical in someone claiming to be a patriot.

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