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Jim Rickards: Gold Is Always Rallying Somewhere

by Gary Christenson, Gold Silver Worlds:

In his latest TV appearance, Jim Rickards (author of the best seller Currency Wars) talks on Bloomberg about the way currency wars and gold dynamics are coming together.

Gold is 25% up in the last 3 months, but it’s up in Yen, not dollars. This is where currency wars and gold dynamics come together. When you think about cross rates it’s a zero sum game. Not every currency can go down against every other currency at once. Gold is always rallying somewhere; right now it is rallying in Yen. It you want to be fancy, you are short Yen and buy gold. When the Yen gets to 110 then, you want to short sterling and buy gold. At the end of the day you will come back to gold in dollars. Gold is not going to do much in [US] dollars this year. I look for a dollar move late this year or in 2014. Meantime you can always make money in gold, as “it is always 5 o’clock somewhere.”

By pulling some charts together, we were able to visualize what Jim Rickards tried to explain. The next charts show gold in four major currencies. Apart from the gold price, each chart shows the exchange rate of each currency in the other currencies. The time period is the last 2 years. Mind that the exchange rates are inverted: the higher the line on the chart, the weaker the currency in question.

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