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Jim Rickards Describes Four Future Monetary Scenario’s

by Jim Rickards, Gold Silver Worlds:

What will the monetary system look like once a collapse occurs, which Rickards expects in the coming 3 to 5 year time frame. In his view, which he describes in great detail in his book “Currency Wars”, there are four possibilities:

  1. multiple reserve currencies
  2. special drawing rights (SDR’s)
  3. gold
  4. chaos

A world of multiple reserve currencies (the combined solution): a lot of people think it is possible but I think this is completely unstable. It won’t end the currency wars, it will exacerbate it. Instead of one central bank behaving badly you have five, six or seven.

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2 comments to Jim Rickards Describes Four Future Monetary Scenario’s

  • Upstart

    Be careful with Mr Rickards. He moves in certain elite circles and seems to have no problems with widening middle eastern wars. Check out his comments and sugestions regarding Iran over the years, anyone would think he was part of the pro-Israel lobby…..hmmm. In my book anyone who talks up a war, even if it ‘just’ a ‘cyber’ or ‘financial’ war, has very suspect/little morality.

    As for his ‘collapse’ in 3 to 5 years timeframe, I suspect it is more to do with calming the sheep than reality. What do you think the media and popular reaction, much less the the alternative media reaction would have been if he had said we all have at best 6 to 9 months left before meltdown.

    In my opinion we are already on borrowed time (pun intended) and I really cant see things continuing past this point next year – at the latest.

  • Hondo Stalwart

    Well, the .40 gold standard would be just fine. Imho, the SDR will be the choice, with a weighting of gold in that mixed bag. Either way we physical holders will have a level of confidence to stand by. When? Is the million dollar question. Any guesses?

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