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Jeff Berwick Blasts Central Banking in Mainstream Media Appearances (Videos)

Earlier this week Jeff Berwick made his rounds through the mainstream media financial news circuit to discuss his Bitcoin ATM venture, and while he was there he took the opportunity to inform the audience about the scam of central baking.

by JG Vibes, Intellihub:

Just after the Cyprus banking crisis hit, Jeff Berwick of The Dollar Vigilante made a quick announcement that the first Bitcoin ATM would be opening up in Cyprus, to help the people there get their wealth off the grid, and get rid of their government backed fiat currency. 

His announcement drew a good amount of media attention, and he was able to take the message of true economic and personal freedom to the mainstream.

FOX Business Appearance:

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5 comments to Jeff Berwick Blasts Central Banking in Mainstream Media Appearances (Videos)


    The fact that bitcoin is getting mainstream air time speaks VOLUMES.

  • NaySayer

    Yep, it means bitcon has the approval of the powers that be in the nwo. They do not allow any positivity for gold & silver. Although recently I have been noticing they have Peter Schiff on some shows. I think this is because the people in financial news aren’t actully all stupid. They know what is really going on, but they want to keep their cushy multi-million dollar a year propaganda spewing jobs, so they go along.

    As Chris Duane has said, they mainstream nwo types only release info or allow it to be talked about on mainstream corporate media when they know they can’t keep it under wraps, so they are letting some small truth get told so they can point to it later after the monster crash and say, see, we reported about this.

  • I don’t trust BITCOIN gold & silver are down the dollar is going to crash no worries people we have a digital currency we can use i hope the masses don’t fall for this what backs bitcoin? Anything that can be created with a stroke of a key can be wiped out with a stroke of a key! I will stick with my metals

    • freet0pian

      I’ve got pretty big coin in silver and gold, but I know you’re wrong on at least one thing on bitcoin.

      It cannot be wiped out with a stroke of a key and there’s only gonna be 21 million of them which will be mined by 2140 (if it lasts that long and the mushrooms won’t show up in sky too much).

      The attack vectors for bitcoin are much more traditional, if the ptp see it as a threat they could just make it extremely volatile by buying lots of bitcoins with their monopoly money and then dumping them on the exchanges and repeating this long enough so the price and confidence crashes.

      I have a few cents in bitcoin but I truly hope it succeeds, that would mean at least a more free online economy and a more free world if it replaces the dollar.

  • Glitter1

    I’ve got news for you guys about Bitcoin.Don’t be surprised if we all find out someday/somehow soon that Bitcoin is a plant and the invention/trial balloon of the NWO PTB.The NWO plans for a Gold Back Digital Currency,possibly by 2016(David Rockefeller 2012).Bitcoin or some thing similar fits the bill and all will use(like it or not) this new digital currency along with the planned RFID biochip implant so as to prevent identity theft.

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