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Is This Proof That Suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Still Had Backpack On After Boston Bombing?

from 21st Century Wire:

Since the two Tsarnaev brothers were announced as the FBI prime suspects in the Boston Bombing which occurred last week on Monday April 15th, the major media networks and the US government has assumed that the suspects are guilty on the basis of them being placed at the scene of the Boston Marathon finishing line before bombs were detonated. Let’s examine the evidence…

The photo was released to press by a Florida man named David Green (pictured below) who is said to have run in Marathon, and is said to have unknowingly captured a photo of the alleged younger brother at the scene following an explosion.

A report states: “David Green of Jacksonville Beach told The Associated Press he finished Monday’s race about an hour before the twin blasts. He said he and friends were watching the rest of the race when he went to a nearby store to charge his cellphone.”

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