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If You Don’t Stand For Something, You’ll Fall For Anything

by Laurie A. White, NorthWest Liberty News:

All of us at one point or another have heard the phrase, “The WWII generation, was the greatest generation that has ever lived.” Men flocked to army recruiting centers to enlist in the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines. Men and women as young as 18, were willing to leave their wives, husbands, mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, and friends in order to fight one of the most evil regimes in the world. America pulled together and did whatever needed to be done in support of the troops, and to keep the American economy going. Women gave birth to babies knowing that there was a great chance that their husband would never make it home. Women also went to work to help assemble the warfare needed to defend our country. Some women even oiled up their baseball glove to participate our great “American Pastime,” so a little part of America would still be revered, and people could still spend an afternoon at the ballpark. The Women’s Baseball League also served as an escape from the daily news articles and radio broadcasts reporting the status of the war. Americans united, holding flags, showing support to our troops while on leave, many women stayed faithful to their husband in order to keep that family unit together, for the sake of God, and for their children. People united when they learned of a loved one or neighbor who had died in combat, and still supported the troops, regardless of how grim the news may have been. The soldiers were fearless. They had two objectives, win the war, and come back alive so they could reunite with their families, meet their children who had been born while they were off fighting, and work to build a stronger America.

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1 comment to If You Don’t Stand For Something, You’ll Fall For Anything

  • jeff

    Who was it that fell for the USS Maine false flag op? Who fell for the Lusitania OP? Who fell for the Pearl Harbor scam? Who fell for the Gulf of Tonkin false flag op? How about Oklahoma City? 9/11?

    Who funded the Nazis? Wall Street and London.

    No doubt they were good and decent people but they were definitely naive fools who marched off to kill other naive fools and themselves.

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