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How the Gold Market was Crashed

from Gold Trends:

There’s been a recent huge draw down of physical gold at the New York COMEX and at the JP Morgan Chase depository. Look at the physical market draw down on the charts below. It has taken a drastic plunge.

HOUSTON — we have a problem…. Physical inventory drawdown at JPM

You can imagine the dilemma this is causing for the market interests behind these inventories. If the inventory runs out and one cannot meet deliveries then it has to be bought on the open market. Not only that but it could cause a run up in prices that would hurt the shorts in the market.

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7 comments to How the Gold Market was Crashed

  • rich

    April 13, 2013

    “They” must be getting desperate to resort to such flagrant manipulation of the markets, the way they did yesterday.
    Just Another Day At The G-S Corral

    For years gold and silver have been routinely pummeled to protect the U.S. Dollar’s image, but never more so than Friday, April 12, when, according to one expert, 500 tons of gold were sold in the futures market in a single day. To put that in perspective, just a few years ago the major governments of the world were bound by agreement to limit their collective gold sales to 500 tons per year! So selling 500 tons in a single day is a truly staggering quantity, but consistent with the observed price action. Needless to say, a sale of that magnitude can have no legitimate trading purpose; the objective of such a massive sale was clearly to smash the price and frighten away precious metals buyers.

    I’ve often wondered what drives our “leaders” to pursue such obviously misguided, no, counterproductive strategies. Is it hubris, that they think they can avoid the mistakes of their predecessors or escape the laws of physics? Is it avarice, that they seek to steal everything for themselves, regardless of the broader consequences? Is it sheer malevolence, that they are driven by a deep seated hatred of life and a need to destroy it?

    Regardless of the motivations of the powers that be, the east continues to build its industrial base and accumulate real assets (which they can purchase at a discount, thanks to the western manipulation of the markets), while the west steadfastly pursues its suicidal course of dismantling its industrial base, dis-employing its populace and playing financial games. The east must be laughing uncontrollably behind closed doors.

    • Glitter1

      Fiat Currencies are at the core of their Power and must be defended at all costs.They will not yield that power one inch or voluntarily.They will defend that power even if it means taking the entire World Economy under with them.

      • Upstart


        Now now Glitter, you know as well as me that the paper currencies are being set up to all go down in flames in a coordinated manner to make way for (eventually) a new global ‘electronic’ currency. Paper will only be ‘defended at all costs’ until the time is ripe for the great staged collapse and transfer of wealth to the new system.

        Some years from now, when we are all completly used to, and dependent upon, the new digital currency (which may take a full generation to grow to complete universal fruition and acceptance), the power to create ‘money’ will never have been so concentrated in just so few hands. More importantly, these few hands can choose to destroy ‘money’ – at an individual. group. or national level, at the touch of a button. That is real power.

        Imagine what a small group of ‘elites’ or even ‘someone’ could do with such power – it is certainly not beyond the stretches of imagination that the ‘someone’ controlling the system could insist that anyone wishing to continue to pay thier bills, earn a wage, collect benefits, or simply to ‘buy or sell’, should pledge thier loyalty to the ‘leader’ and maybe even take an rfid chip or biometric/bioelectric tattoo to allow them to ‘buy or sell’, which would of course leave a ‘mark’ on that person.

        As I say, we are still some years away from that stage, but the path is already clear and is being paved as we speak…..

        • Glitter1

          I’m speaking the obvious for this present time.The End Game is an RFID Biochip Implant and It’s rapidly approaching.Just make sure you don’t accept it.

  • Mac


    The screens all freeze.

    What does that mean?

    No one can get to the physical market to buy at these low prices but at the same time, they can’t sell or protect their position either. The system is frozen.”

    *so no one can get into the physical market to buy as the prices are further driven down….


  • theoptimist75

    Upstart. I totally agree with you on how the TPTB will attempt to further the money control game by creating a new digital currency BUT don’t you think they are just a little bit too arrogant in that regard? you are stealing a persons wealth of a said currency only to offer them a new currency with all the same systems in place that just stole their wealth the first time. that is a very big gamble on hoping the masses will be that dumb, for a second time around. sometimes I think that TPTB have surrounded themselves with to many yes “men”. Believing their own bull$hit will be their demise because so many in their evil circle are nothing but mindless, selfish lapdogs.

    • Upstart


      I hope you are right and these guys fail, but at the moment all evidence points to them being able to move this forward.

      Looks to me that we are all being lead towards a ‘problem’, where we will be encouraged to ‘react’ in a certain way, after which we will be offered a pre-planned ‘solution’.

      Problem-reaction-solution, and all that. As easy as painting by numbers if you dont care who, and how many, get hurt/crushed by the social and economic chaos that is bound to arise.

      Get the people, even those who are awake, desperate enough (the ‘problem’), and they are much more likely to embrace the pre-planned, pre-packaged solution that is waiting in the wings. It is the depth and extent of the ‘problem’ and ‘reaction’ phases which concerns me at the moment. They may be so great that many of of us never even get to see what ‘solution’ we are offered.

      As for people being dumb, I am continually amazed by just how dumb many of my fellow humans actually are. It does not bode well.

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