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House “wouldn’t even allow debate” on CISPA amendment requiring warrant before database search

by Madison Ruppert, Activist Post:

The U.S. House of Representatives passed CISPA today with the majority of the major problems intact. When Rep. Alan Grayson proposed an amendment that would require the National Security Agency, FBI, Department of Homeland Security and others to obtain a warrant before searching a database, it was shot down without debate.

Grayson, a Florida Democrat, proposed a simple amendment only a sentence long that would require “a warrant obtained in accordance with the fourth amendment to the Constitution of the United States” when a government agency sought to search a database of private information obtained from e-mail and internet service providers for evidence of criminal activity.

Grayson complained earlier today on Twitter saying, “The Rules Committee wouldn’t even allow debate on requiring a warrant before a search.”

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2 comments to House “wouldn’t even allow debate” on CISPA amendment requiring warrant before database search

  • NaySayer

    Obviously I am posting this on a computer so I like computers and the internet, but, if we stopped using email and went back to snail mail with a long precedent of requiring warrants before searching and we used only landlines for important conversations etc. would that mean we would have more privacy?? Probably not with the gestapo taking over as it is, but, would that help at least for the most private things?

    It is all this technology that is making it only too easy for them to track us. For the most important things, perhaps the most revolutionary thing to do is use the methods of the past which still have some constitutional protections (if in fact they still do).

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