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Holy crap! Even CASEY is “getting suspcious”…

by Jeff Nielson, Bullion Bulls Canada:

In a recent interview with Sean at “SGT Report”; we both expressed our surprise at some VERY strong comments which purportedly came out of the mouth of known mainstream Foot Soldier Dennis Gartman.

However, in some ways the following is an even more amazing revelation/transformation; even though it comes from a media outlet regarded as operating “inside the sector”: Casey Research — headed by Doug Casey. Doug Casey is legendary as a “non-believer” in anything which remotely suggests (to him) a “conspiracy theory”. Indeed, he could have been my Poster Boy for my recent commentary:

The Non-Conspiracy Nuts

So when one of Doug Casey’s oldest/most-trusted “voices” goes on the record publishing a commentary titled:

Gold crash 2013: Deliberately engineered?

…all about a conspiracy, this would be like Men In Black reporting a “UFO sighting”! The times they are a-changing!!!

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