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Hedge Funds Target Silver

from Dan Norcini:

The hedge fund community, after pressing the Copper market from the short side to the point that they are now net short in the red metal by nearly a THREE to ONE ratio, are now moving to go after silver from the short side. This is the first time since the history of Disaggregated Commitment of Traders report broke out the hedge fund category (2006) that this group of traders has been NET SHORT the silver market.

Keep in mind that the report (Friday) does not cover the further drop in silver below the $27 mark that occurred Wednesday and Thursday of this past week. No doubt a large portion of that further plunge was due to additional hedge fund shorting. The report also will not pick up today’s short squeeze which caught a few of these newcomers to the short side off guard. However, based on what I can see of the attitude of the hedge fund community towards commodities in general, it is going to take some strongly bullish fundamental factor to drive these guys out of their short positions.

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2 comments to Hedge Funds Target Silver

  • Troy

    Since I had to sell alot of my silver 6 months ago to buy my country house…I like these silver prices! Cause I’m buyin bitches! Got $1000 waiting for some new Silver Bullet releases!

  • Frank Zak

    They short silver and buy gold in
    a ratio trade.

    Shorting SLV and buying physical gold
    in possession is an interesting trade.

    These people are hedge traders.

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