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from GGRPrivate:

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  • fayz

    Gold is not just a commodity its money, so it technically cannot go down it can only go up because banksters only print money day in and day out. So the 12 year price rise is not unexpected its natural becuase its only reflecting the destruction of paper money via inflation (the barometer), at the point where the inflation goes negative then I agree we may see the price of gold go down.

    The only reason why gold is going down is because they are selling paper contracts and not gold! its 100% paper manipulation, your charts won’t tell you anything because those that manipulate can put the price anywhere they like. the only reason why they don’t is because they don’t want to loose all credibility with those people that still believe this is a freely trading market(God knows what they’re thinking?)

    I’m sorry but end game is upon us, 6 months? 12 months 5 years? your guess is as good as mine, but we all know its coming.


    Are you one of them dear maker of this video?

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