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Golden Warning ~ What Crashing Gold Meant in Recent Past

from crabbydogtrix:

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1 comment to Golden Warning ~ What Crashing Gold Meant in Recent Past

  • kim

    For once I enjoyed listening to Charlie and after listening to Jim Willie’s latest tonight dont give a flying fuck what the ponzi fiat price of gold /silver is when I wake up.
    Anyone who sells their stack as a result of the last two day’s is deluded and very foolish. Having said that it is almost impossible to imagine any of us who understand and have bought physical would do so!
    Big kudo’s to Sean and everyone else who contribute to this world class site as well as others, lifting our spirits with the truth and encouragement.
    As Charlie say’s bad things are coming soon and I think it might be too late for any newbie’s to aquire metals at anywhere near the price quoted in the MSM.
    Cheers everyone and Godspeed.

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