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Gold & Silver – Bullish Hopes In A Bear Market While Trend Wins

from Gold Silver Worlds:

What happened?! is the question so many are asking about Friday’s waterfall in prices. A better question is, “Why?” Outside of the insiders, no one really knows. Yes, there can be some fairly cogent explanations, lots of glib answers, but no one knows, for sure.

What we do know for sure is that the market is always the final arbiter. Throughout the decline of the past nearly few years, there has been a continued glimmer of hope for a turnaround in recognition of the infinite printing of fiat, countries drowning in debt, and the only viable solution, at least in the Western world, has been more debt!

Who issues that debt? The central bankers, IMF, EU, Basel Committee, all unelected, non-represented factions that run the lives of the Western world under the sanction of the officially-elected-but moneychangers-beholding governments.

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1 comment to Gold & Silver – Bullish Hopes In A Bear Market While Trend Wins

  • Ed_B

    Forget what they SAY and pay attention to what they DO. In 2012, the central banks of the world bought over 500 TONS of gold. That tells me ALL I need to know about whether I should buy it too. I thank them for manipulating it lower so I can buy more. I know that was not their intent but it IS their result. The Chinese are probably thanking them too… as well as laughing at them for being so foolish as to sell gold for such a cheap price. All this idiocy WILL end when those vaults are empty. What’s in your safe?

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